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  1. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    Actually I do totally regret it - waiting so long to buy a 2 door!!! :)
  2. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    My rear seat has sat in the garage since day 2, I picked it up at 5pm and will probably never put it back in. You will like it unless you try to take 4 people camping all the time, also dont put a rack or roof top tent on - the soft top is better. I drove a Samuri at 17, the JL is huge compared...
  3. Bucket List Trip - Lots of Questions

    Keep the soft top and get a rope and bag to tie up your food in a tree, good camp hygiene is real important, dont throw scraps around and clean up. More often it is small creatures that get into your food, if you are clean enough to keep them away the bears will probably stay away, dont leave...
  4. Opinions on Rock Krawler Lifts

    I had a set of RK lower front arms and sent them back before installing because of the bends for clearance and I already bought my rims and dont want to reduce the turning radius. I am getting the Clayton lowers and have the Mopar 2" lift. If I was going to start over and not try to save any...
  5. Lifted Suspension Issues - Need Advice

    I would remove all the parts find someone that can help verify you have the correct JL parts like stated above, I wouldn't drive it like that the springs look upside down.
  6. FS : Brand New Diesel JLU Mopar Lift Kit Part # 77072399AE

    I am interested in the spring shock combo you went with? I have a Mopar 2" lift installed now and am replacing the front control arms for adjustability and got to thinking - they work for up to 5" lift so could just buy new springs and shocks and have a new lift. Ordered Clayton Front Uppers and...
  7. Thoughts about winches

    Here is my complete winch/recovery kit currently, used this forum to get all the different pieces haven't mounted everything yet the pics will be soon
  8. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    They probably will go on strike when it gets cold enough anyway
  9. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    I would offer both with the default being option 1 - if you connect the extra wires being able to switch it on/off or connected to the defrost is good What I want living in snow country is headlights that have a self cleaning function, heating will help but the road salt/sand covers your...
  10. Rubicon takeoff wheels, no tpms reading?

    I have some take offs with KO2s will be selling this spring - 800 mi and no TPMS - the shop put them in the new rims.
  11. Smittybilt X2O Install

    Thanks that was one I had looked at at wasnt sure it would fit, at 9000ft I think a cover is mandatory with the snow, sun and freezing.
  12. Smittybilt X2O Install

    Just ordered the Rusty plate and synthetic rope mount plate and a Cascadia 4x4 Flipster for my new X20 Comp 10k winch, will post pics once its mounted, thanks for the info in this thread ordering the Rustys plate saved and the synth rope mount is a nice touch. Question: I would like to get a...
  13. Hitch Bike Rack recommendations?

    One thing to consider is the type of bike you want to carry and the type of rack - hanging a $10k carbon road bike from the top tube and driving on dirt roads will not be good for your bike. The racks that are 'tray' type that both tires are supported are best for high end frames and/or long...
  14. $1000-2000 to invest...what to do first?

    That is an investment, well-being and family memories. I have very good memories of doing the Rubicon when I was 9-12 with my family.
  15. $1000-2000 to invest...what to do first?

    Think of it as equipping or just having fun with your Jeep. As far as upgrades get armor, skid plates and good rock rails depending on how hard you want to wheel. Remember to keep the overall weight of your vehicle in mind, look at the weight of each skid or armor and compare the differences can...
  16. Woman Attacks a Fellow Jeeper for "Jeep Waving" at her.. Seriously?!

    Born and raised in Ca, lived there for 40+ yrs, I think there might also be some type of brain disease that is socially transmitted, yet to be identified, and the epicenter is California. Some of the nicest people and places, and some of the most wacked out sufferers of the yet to be named brain...
  17. Best Jeep For Crawling Rocks At Moab?

    Good points the 2 door isnt the best in big drops or step ups either and space is an issue, compromise based on your plans is the best, a 4dr in deep mud is better also so while I like only 2 doors there are uses for 4.
  18. Best Jeep For Crawling Rocks At Moab?

    very good points made about the difference in doors and required wheel size, this is exactly my experience, shorter wheel base is better for rock crawling. Check my rig build - I am going to put a Rock Hard Au Full Belly pan and angled up sliders to complete my armor. Get a 2door with 37s and...
  19. Help with Wheel specs.

    I would decide on which lift first, some require backspacing on the rims for the tires to clear and most companies will say their recommendations. I went with the Mopar 2" lift and 37" tires for those to clear the backspacing should be 4.5" they have calculators on rims sites - its the...
  20. Safest tube doors?

    I learned to drive by 7 in a FJ410 without doors standing on the foot well, taking them off is not for safety its for fun and thrills, and ease of getting in and out on trails with big rocks. I would say from my experience give your kids the fun of riding without doors, just dont drive on the...