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  1. Steering locked up

    I’ve had mine back since mid November now. No issues.
  2. 2018 JL 2.0 *BLOWN TURBO* update....Outraged!.....Lawyers

    I wish the dealer was able to duplicate it to know for sure what was going on. I was told the new steering box corrects “the vast majority” of cases. Here’s hoping no further issues. At the very least, the steering is way tighter now. No more dead spot or wander in the steering.
  3. 2018 JL 2.0 *BLOWN TURBO* update....Outraged!.....Lawyers

    I have a 2018 JL. Long story short, I went to drive one day and my steering wheel was totally locked up. I couldn’t turn it at all. It took a ton of force to break it free. After doing some research on here and in some of the Facebook groups, I found that I wasn’t the only one out there with...
  4. 2018 JL 2.0 *BLOWN TURBO* update....Outraged!.....Lawyers

    I would open up a case with Jeep Cares. Mine was out of commission with a steering issue for 3 and a half weeks. They were willing to cover a rental car for me up to $35 per day on a reimbursement basis. Luckily the dealer gave me a free loaner so I didn’t have to go down that road but good to...
  5. Steering locked up

    Just checked out their YouTube videos. Thank you!!
  6. Steering locked up

    Good to know, thank you. I contacted Jeep cares last night and opened up a case. Just waiting to hear back from someone. I figured it was best to get them involved too since the service advisor was telling me he’s never seen this before.
  7. Steering locked up

    I have a 2018 JLU sport s. The other night I went to drive after it had been sitting for a few days. When I started pulling out of my driveway, I noticed I couldn’t turn towards the left. The steering was locked up. I stopped and played around with the wheel. After turning it to the right, it...