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  1. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    eightamrock and californiajeeping as well as others input to this issue. When I took my jeep '18 JLUR in for re-torque of wheels and lift check at 500 miles, I asked them to check alignment/steering and they said "alls good!". Of course at that time I was not a JL forum member. I, like many...
  2. JL Dash Panel Removal

    Thanks all for your posts. I've been needing to get behind my dash and it just scares the crap out of me that I'll break something (already broke the first clip on the AC panel). I put in a S-TECH 4 swt panel, but that is as far as I've gotten. More to do!
  3. Red/Gray Dash Panel Removal.

    Code IV, Thanks for this. Love the Ocean Blue. I'll have to go get some of the paint for some projects I have lined up.
  4. Jeep JL Wrangler Wiring Diagrams

    This is awesome! Thank you!! In looking into some of the lighting info (like DRL-LEFT) there's a "base" or "Premium" and I see there are different pinouts between them. When looking at detail of either of these the diagrams it says "driver" when referring to the lamps. The term "driver" is...
  5. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    So what did you tap into the DRL or the dimmer park/running lights?
  6. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    So as soon as I pressed "post", I realized something. I could tie into my Aux swt and just leave that swt in the on position all the time since it is switch thru the S-TECH control box when ignition is turned on. I do this now with my LED Christmas wreath on the front of my jeep! Sometimes you...
  7. ORACLE LED Headlights with halo for JL

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the posts on this subject. I have Oracle Halo's coming and your hard work and input is awesome and helpful (I think I've read all the posts on this subject, so forgive me if I missed something). 2 things for me (JLUR non LED pkg), my DRL's go out while the turn...
  8. 2018 JL , LED headlights - aftermarket available?

    Yep, I'm talking fender DRL's. They come on low when I first start the jeep up, then when I release the e-break, they come on brighter (or maybe addl lamp?). I also noticed, when you turn your blinker on, the side that blinks, drops the DRL while flashing.
  9. Does the JL use the same clips as the JK to mount the fender flares?

    Perfect.. between this and the video that skrubi12 posted, I'm ready to pull a flare off (and have some spares clips standing by) so I can get easier access to the firewall to run some wiring. Thanks guys!
  10. 2018 JL , LED headlights - aftermarket available?

    I have an 18 JLUR (non- LED) and my DRL's come on as soon as I release the E-brake. It took me noticing the front end on the reflection of a window I was parked in front of.
  11. JLWF / Iron Cross Automotive Giveaway: Stubby Front Bumper with Bar/LED Cutout

    Me me me me!!! Pick me!! haha! I want some toys for my Ocean Blue JLWUR
  12. JL Dash panels- Getting behind the dash- How?

    I think mine will look like this vey soon!!
  13. JL Dash panels- Getting behind the dash- How?

    Thank you for your posting this. I can't wait to tear into it!
  14. JL Dash panels- Getting behind the dash- How?

    Thank for the direction!! It seems very easy to do.
  15. JL Dash panels- Getting behind the dash- How?

    I've done some searching with little results. I want to run a wire from the center top of my dash (where the little storage compartments are) I've mounted my Garvin low on the windshield and want to run my power down thru the storage compartment, behind/around the info center and eventually to a...
  16. 2018 JLUR

    2018 JLUR

  17. Permanently disable engine auto start stop (ESS) at stoplights?

    New to the party at JL Wrangler, but not to 4W'n, This is my first Jeep after having nothing but trucks and nothing new since 2001 and can I just say for the record how much I HATE the ESS auto start stop dis-feature!!! How stupid it is that WE can not choose to permanently turn it off. As one...