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  1. Mopar Lift Kit vs....

    I have had the Mopar lift on my four-door Rubicon JL for nearly a year. Great ride on the road and works great off road. Dealer installed with a lifetime warranty, no extra parts needed on mine! I think the price out the door was around $1700. I can compare it to a 2 1/2 inch TeraFlex that I...
  2. V41 reimbursement if I already replaced steering stabilizer?

    I tried several times to open the web site for reimbursement but couldn’t get it to work. How are you guys getting the info to FCA for reimbursement?
  3. Mopar lift dealer installed problem

    Just thought I would throw this out to you since I see you live in the DFW area. Huffines jeep in Lewisville did an exceptional job on my JL Rubicon with the Mopar 2 inch lift. Great price plus gave me a lifetime warranty on it. No problems whatsoever. That’s also where I usually purchase my...
  4. Pictures Please ! JLUR with Mopar 2" Lift & 35s

    I think it looks much better with the lift!
  5. Locked out again

    I have the proximity locks on my Rubicon. It definitely will not lock if the key fob is left in the jeep. I tried to Lock it the other day not remembering that I had left the key fob in the jeep. It would not lock. I thought something was wrong with my automatic locks and then I realized the key...
  6. 35 inch tires on stock wheels

    81/2 inch wheels with plus 7 backspace. 315/70/17 BFG tires
  7. Rough cost estimate - Mopar 2" lift kit, installed?

    I paid $1710 out the door at my dealers last fall. Covered installation, lift, alignment, taxes, all with a lifetime warranty!
  8. Mopar Lift Install Pricing $400-1200??

    Last fall I paid my dealer $400 for installation and they matched Amazons price which was around $1150 or so for the lift and also gave me a lifetime warranty on the Mopar 2 inch lifT.
  9. Hard Top On

    I took JTops off. When I have it on with my top on and it is not connected to the windshield channel it drops down and touches the the top of my head. I am 6’3” though so I may just be to tall for it. Only had it on for a couple of weeks and saw it was not going to work for me when I had my...
  10. MOPAR 2" Lift (initial review) - AWESOME!!!

    The springs are supposed to have a little bit of of curvature to them , that’s the way they are designed. I have Had my Mopar 2 inch lift on since last fall and I do have a small curvature but nothing like you have. I have all Mopar parts and have not had a problem at all with it.
  11. Looking for a trustworthy “Jeep” store in the DFW area.

    Huffines jeep in Lewisville has a custom shop and sell and install all the things that you mentioned. Great prices too. I bought my Rubicon from them and they’ve installed a number of things including the Mopar 2 inch lift. No problems at all and they know what they’re doing! I will also add...
  12. Jeep announces that 2018's will NOT get the Off-Road pages

    The version that I downloaded about two weeks ago that came out around 15 of May was 21. Something or rather, I forget the exact numbers. I had 17. Whatever before downloading.
  13. Mopar or Dynatrac 2" Lift

    I got 2 1/2 inches out of my Mopar 2 inch lift after it settled. No other parts were necessary. It rides and drives perfectly!
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Put decals on the front fenders.
  15. Mopar or Dynatrac 2" Lift

    I like my Mopar, plus it’s all under warranty! Dealer installed.
  16. Looking for sun shade.

    I tried the alien and my head hits the top of the sunscreen. This was with the soft top up or down. I also have the J tops. The J tops is fine when the soft top is down and the J top is connected to the top of the windshield frame. When the soft top is up my head hits the top of the J tops...
  17. Uconnect app very rarely works.... Jeepcares?

    My Uconnect now works after I did the download upgrade from Uconnect website to my 8.4 radio. This update just became available to download around the middle of May . I also got the off-road pages when I downloaded the upgrade.