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  1. Camp stove

    As an avid camper, I’ll second all of this. A basic Coleman will last forever and performs just as well as any other one. I have many friends who brought crazy fancy ones and all of them have wished they just went with the Coleman.
  2. ‘20 Sport S Unlimited Build Recommendations

    I would recommend that you go aftermarket, specifically the JL300 switch. For starters, it's cheaper than the mopar option, and it also give you more switches (6 vs 4). Secondly, I think it looks a lot cleaner and better than the factory option. You can also cover up the non-used switches with...
  3. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    A group of us from a Chicago FB group went down to the Badlands over the weekend and had a blast in the snow. Someone even flipped their jeep, which was kinda nuts, but luckily was okay and ultimate had minimal damage. Here is us righting the Jeep:
  4. Windshield Defroster Fix

    I ordered mine after seeing this post a few days ago. Arrived via Amazon today, and just put them in. They do help spread out the air to the sides very well. Mad props to the OP. I ended up covering quite a few in the middle to help push air to the outside:
  5. Wreck in a leased JL

    Okay, you've gotten all of the details here through a variety of responses but here's a nice summary: Go to a body shop and get an estimate of damages and cost to repair. You never know what is hiding below the surface that you aren't seeing. Contact your insurance carrier to confirm what your...
  6. Attaching BD squadron pros to after market switch - which wires to use?

    Just to close the loop on this one, in case anyone runs into the same issue, the prior instructions given on these forums are incorrect. For a powered switch like the JL300, which provides power to the accessory, the correct method is as follows: 1) Attach the ground terminal (black) to the...
  7. Winch Mount vs Off-Set Winch Mount vs Centered Winch Mount

    Yup, ended up getting the plate and installed the Badlands winch. The Maximum instructions are beyond terrible (and that's being very, very generous). Luckily there are numerous other threads, posts and videos. Used the winch the very next day pulling myself and another truck out of some deep...
  8. Denver area snow trails?

    I’m in Denver visiting family and would love to hit some trails with all of the recent snow. Anyone have some recommendations? Will be wheeling with my brother who has a AEV ZR2. We went a couple of days ago and did the Switzerland Trail, and then had to turn back on Mammoth Gulch due to ice.
  9. Badlands Apex 12k winch, Maximus-3 mount, Poison Spyder spacers, WARN Power Interrupter with factory steel bumper results/tips

    I completed this install yesterday, and your instructions were a lifesaver. I too had to grind down one of the joints, and found myself referencing your other tips throughout the install. I particularly appreciated your wiring description and photo, as that saved me a ton of time figuring out...
  10. Attaching BD squadron pros to after market switch - which wires to use?

    Sounds easy enough - spice the two red together, extend it into a terminal and attach to my existing switch. Are you sure there isn't anything I need to do with the grounding wire? Would be pretty easy to attach it to the frame of the car by my switch.
  11. Attaching BD squadron pros to after market switch - which wires to use?

    So I purchased the Baja Designs A-Pillar kit and just finished installing a JL300 switch panel that I’ll use to run them, but I am struggling to understand how to attach the lights into my switch, as the already comes with an individual switch attached: I’ve spent the greater part of the last...
  12. Voswitch JL300 Lower Dash Switch Panel

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm going to install my JL300 switch today or tomorrow.
  13. If Rubicons come with a 2" lift from the factory, why add an aftermarket lift of the same amount?

    Okay, so then there is a difference in suspension, and the previous comments about it rubicons just having higher fenders is not accurate (as rubis do have higher fenders, but the suspension is higher). So then does that mean that any lift kit would add height, or would it need to have specific...
  14. If Rubicons come with a 2" lift from the factory, why add an aftermarket lift of the same amount?

    Thank you both for the explanations - these responses were exactly what I was looking for. Kinda BS that they advertise it as a lift when it's just raised fenders.
  15. If Rubicons come with a 2" lift from the factory, why add an aftermarket lift of the same amount?

    Okay, so I'm trying to understand why anyone would add an aftermarket lift of 2" or 2.5" to their rubicon when rubicons already come with a 2" lift from the factory. I also remember reading that the Recon comes with an additional 0.5" lift, meaning if I were to add an aftermarket lift of 2.5"...
  16. Controlling Winch Power: Switch vs Power Interrupt

    So as I wait for my winch spacer plates to be delivered, I'm trying to understand the options I have for running power to my winch. From what I've read so far, the general advice is that your winch should never be always connected to power due to a variety of reasons (draining battery, fire...
  17. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    100% YES. I was debating posting a new thread how disappointing all of these "deals" are. Basically my taxes are taken care of, big deal. What's more pathetic is you can see these similar 10% off deals each holiday (i.e. memorial day, labor day, etc.).
  18. 2018 JL 2.0 *BLOWN TURBO* update....Outraged!.....Lawyers

    Wow, so sounds like this dealership really stinks. Maybe just go to another at this point?