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  1. Heated steering wheel not that hot?

    My 2021 Rubicon steering wheel get nice and hot, great for my arthritis. And the heated seated seats(cloth) get very warm, great for my back. It's therapeutic. I have fun driving it and it helps my old bones. It works better than the wheel and seats in my 2020 f250 Lariat.
  2. My Stock Sahara can do this, can Rubicons?

    As you can tell by my name I approve of this post!
  3. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Video's - Rubicon 5.13

    Approximately what would the cost be to rear gear either by you or a local shop? Thanks again for great how to video's.
  4. DIY Gear Swap - Step by Step Video's - Rubicon 5.13

    This so far has ben the most informant videos I've seen on any forums. Explained in plain English and very calm with no bullshit yapping about anything but the job at hand. Thank you!
  5. Start/Stop Not Ready - Battery Charging?

    Because I don't know, how do you put a tender on the smaller battery under the big one?
  6. Rubi Recon

    Glad I saw this about the fuses. Most of mine were loose but everything was working ok. Another great tip from the forum, thanks.
  7. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    I ordered my 2021 Sarge Green July18th and it was delivered Sept 16 . I get stopped by people a lot about how good it looks.
  8. Auto start/stop rant

    I just got my 2021 Rubicon and in the 159 miles I drove it I've been waiting for ESS to kick in, it never has. I thought I might have a problem but when scrolling thru the menu I saw this on the dash. So does this mean that if the air or heat is on it is disabled? The other thing that I found is...
  9. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Ordered my 2021 Sarge 7-18, delivered , 9-16 .I thought that was pretty quick. Only have 200 miles so far and it rides better than I thought it would. Really don't have any plans except a winch for now.
  10. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Thanks for the info and all your good work. I'm jacko.
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Big thanks to Yakpimp for the tracking tool.This will be my second jeep , first one in 1973 and now 2021 Rubicon. Just found my build sheet as of today. I'm getting closer. This has probably been asked many times already , usually how much longer for delivery to dealer after getting build or...
  12. Washington 315s fit on stock Sports

    Sorry I forgot, do you have any pics of the 315's on the Jeep?
  13. Washington 315s fit on stock Sports

    I'm waiting on a 2021 I ordered and I'm looking at options for tires on stock wheels.. How are the 315's working out on your wife car?
  14. Time for new, 2020 off the lot or order 2021?

    Very nice, good luck with it. I ordered a 2021 same color Sarge Green Rubicon.I probably won't see it for months, just in time for the snow. It's been so hot I could use a little cooler weather.
  15. Is this the worst time to buy?

    Hi ,I ordered a 2021 on 7-17-20. Was wondering if you have gotten any info as to when they are starting production? Did you get a window sticker yet or is it too early?
  16. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Hello Jeep community. I Ordered a 2021 Rubicon on 7-18-20 and it will be my second Jeep. I had a 1973 Jeepster commando which was a great off roader mostly beaches for me but back then I had this same problem with defrosting. It's amazing that this problem still exists. Does anyone know if this...