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  1. Door Removal 2021 Rubicon Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

    I have a ‘20 Sahara with proximity locks. Take doors off frequently. No issues.
  2. Should I add remote proximity keyless entry??

    Take the doors off. You will never need the proximity locks. Hey, someone had to be the wise guy.:CWL::giggle:
  3. First time Jeep owner...

    Welcome aboard!!!!
  4. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    I am getting kick out of your comment because some have NO IDEA what you are referencing. EAST BOUND AND DOWN....!!!!!
  5. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    dear southern friend, I would highly recommend that you stay away from Junior and do not under any circumstances pick up any hitchhiking brides. now that that is out of the way. It’s important to realize that your difficulty in traveling in snow will most definitely be impacted by other folk...
  6. Pod lights - difference between cheaper ones vs more expensive ones?

    Ok there has to be a story here.... what’s up with the 3 different color grill sections. looks nice.
  7. Disaster Yesterday with lift

    This sounds like a possibility especially if they were on any solid surface and applying any turning to the front wheels
  8. Newbie to Jeep & The Forum

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the journey!!!!
  9. Raised Spare Tire Carrier

    Easy fix...... 1. Measure the distance from the from the tailgate to the tire surface. 2. Purchase small pvc tube pieces that will fit inside the existing rubber pieces. Make sure to get two pieces of pvc tubing at least at that length. 3. Then buy two rubber stoppers that you would use for...
  10. It’s official, I now belong to the Jeep family!

    Welcome aboard fellow Hoosier!!!! Enjoy!!!!
  11. Rear Window Struts broken after 5k miles

    A little inside story. I do not know about these specific parts, however, I work for a tier 1 OEM. Ripples from COVID are real in the supply chain. in general, when things shut down, everything stopped, when things started opening up again, many of the auto manufactures tried to go to...
  12. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    You bring up a fantastic point that is often times lost. As mentioned in one of my previous posts in this thread, this is my first wrangler. But I expected going in that it would handle different than my other vehicles. For me, that is completely fine. Many folks for whatever reason have...
  13. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    Great post. simply put..... competition drives innovation. For that reason and that reason only I am looking forward to Bronco hitting the market. The two together will drive improvements in one another. Currently not another vehicle in the market, out of the box, capable like the wrangler...
  14. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    VERY NICE!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
  15. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    Several years ago, before i owned my Jeep, my wife and I ran into a guy from the Cincinnati area driving a restored WW2 Jeep. It was a think of beauty!!!!!
  16. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    With the post above..... I will add. I have always wanted a wrangler. I picked up my ‘20 JL in early September of 2019. It is by far the most enjoyable vehicle that I have ever owned.
  17. Op-Ed: Is the JL the BEST JEEP WRANGLER EVER?

    Not even close!!!!! best Jeep ever..... what started it all. If not for this, there would be no discussion in my opinion. My $0.02
  18. Kick panel clips

    Look very closely at the clip. It is possible that the part number is on the clip. It is very common for injected components as these to have the part number and mold number build into the injection tool.