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  1. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    Just went to the dealer and had the recall addressed. It’s just a flash of the computer but I notice that now the instrument cluster is showing what gear I’m in (6 speed manual). I can’t see how to delete it. It’s annoying AF
  2. Barricade Adventure HD Front Bumper

    Any luck with the fog lights? How’s the bumper quality otherwise?
  3. 2021 Jeep Manual Transmission

    Absolutely love mine!
  4. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Picked up my 2021 Willys December 2...she’s as much fun as I remember my CJ7 and TJ!!
  5. Deck cover for JL 2 door

    I have a 2021 JL and am wondering, with the seat folded down , did you latch the seat to a floor anchor to keep it from bouncing/tumbling or remove the seat completely?
  6. New Jersey Rain Gear covers customer service

    Is it just the busy season or is Rain Gear Covers out of business? They don’t answer their phones or answer emails. I’ve made multiple attempts by phone, email and websites with zero response.
  7. Aftermarket JL 2 door soft top boot feedback? Smittybilt, JTops or shadeidea

    Anyone have any experience with either the Smittybilt, JTops or shadeidea soft top boots? Besides JTops no other user reviews or videos exist and the Jtops apparently don’t fit the 2 door soft top. Unlike my past TJ and CJ, the folded top sits very high, can potentially catch a lot of wind and...
  8. What are you paying on your 2021?

    Absolutely no clue!!
  9. What are you paying on your 2021?

    I’m shocked because I’ve had an amazing experience to date and I know she does a lot of business because of the forum
  10. What are you paying on your 2021?

    Got this for approx 7% below MSRP and 4% below invoice at $31,902with an out the door price of $34,642....respectable fees and no requirement to finance through them. Kate Morris is incredible and highly recommend her. She keeps me up to date on every step the Jeep has taken. Being shipped now...
  11. Guide: Wrangler Order, Build, Tracking and Delivery Process

    I ordered my willys on Oct 2 and just got an estimated ship date of Oct 27. Hoping for 2 weeks after that to be in mud!
  12. What are you paying on your 2021?

    Went to Courtesy Jeep and Kate beat my last dealer quote by $1500 and 7% below MSRP on a Willys Sport w very few options....msrp $34290....base is now $31960 not including super low fees and taxes. So far so good especially for NJ/PA
  13. What are you paying on your 2021?

    Ok so I looked at the dealers on the map provided on the forum, contacted a few and landed with Kate at Courtesy Jeep in PA. Her OTD price was within $500 of the guys in Virginia and no financing requirements or super high fees and definitely closer to home. Base price Willys Sport w AC and Tow...
  14. What are you paying on your 2021?

    Is the FWP price the same as invoice? Sorry, new guy
  15. First time buyer building 2021- Recommendations on dealer in Philly area

    Went to Fred Beans, had to order, getting a 2021 Willys JL in Billet silver, most dealers (Like 6) were MSRP with no 2dr jeeps on the lot, soft top, ac and tow for 33k plus taxes and fees. Two other dealerships came in as close. Not sure it’s a great deal but there no leverage. Looking forward...