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  1. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    I have a 2 dr so top is only 90 pounds. I use two straps running from hoist hook through front and out the back with window up and then back up to hoist hook. I pull the rubber seal away from frame at rear window to not crush it (slip strap between seal and frame). Still playing with crisscross...
  2. Which hard top removal device would you recommend?

    I have set up an electric hoist in my barn to remove and store the hardtop up and out of the way.
  3. OFF ROAD PAGES - What Version does your JL/JLU currently have?

    Is this for the larger screens? I have the smaller 5" screen. I know I don't get off road pages on my screen but found in the dash board gauge cluster.
  4. Need your opinion! Which wheel for my 2021 Willys?

    Pic on the left.
  5. New Jeep Owner in Georgia

    Very nice! Enjoy and glad to hear that your wife is doing better after the surgery. Enjoy getting back outdoors!
  6. Question on mounting a winch...

    I added a winch plate and winch to my my factory plastic bumper. I installed the winch to the plate. Removed my bumper and installed the winch plate with winch and the replaced the bumper. Needed a couple extra hands to hold winch plate and winch in place while I tightened it. Not sure if same...
  7. Choices! 35s, Lift, or Winch?

    Lift may cause warranty issues unless you have a Jeep dealer do the work and many on here would not recommend the dealership touch your jeep for that because of expense and quality of work. If not worried about warranty....lift away. I would do winch first and wheel awhile to get the feel for...
  8. First time Jeep owner...

    Welcome to the Jeep family. Just remember what JEEP stands for "Just Empty Every Pocket". I agree, wave at other Jeep and Gladiator owners. Before mods determine what you want to do with your Jeep. Rock crawl, drive easy to moderate trails, overland or camp. That will help you focus your mods.
  9. Anyone using Rough Country Diff Skid Plate?

    When Installing this will I loose diff fluid? Wasn't sure with just two bolts.
  10. Air compressor

    In a different thread this was discussed and the person could not run a compressor with the plug. I think it is meant for electronics like computers and such.
  11. Air compressor

    On the need to get list and have the ARB deflate kit.
  12. Needed Recovery Equipment

    I would shop around. A lot of that seems pretty expensive. Others may think it is fine. I got straps and things from various places for considerably cheaper. I don't intend to use this stuff a lot but there if I need it.
  13. Air compressor

    Another step closer to being ready for my Colorado Jeep trip this July. This arrived today.
  14. Rubbish MPG

    Fuel economy is totally driven by how you drive, mods, weight loaded in Jeep, fuel type, and oh yeah, as someone on here described it, your jeep is a lunchbox on wheels.... aerodynamics are not working with you!
  15. GMRS Channel

    Agreed. I am also new to the GMRS world. I currently don't have a repeater in range for me to use to practice with. I think using as a general rule out on a trail channel 16 would be helpful. Maybe I don't understand but am thinking as I start down a narrow pass I could announce my presence and...
  16. MPG on trails

    What can I expect for MPG running trails in Colorado. 2.0 turbo and assume driving trails in 4 low. Trying to plan for gas stops and or to carry extra fuel. Thanks
  17. GMRS Channel

    Agreed. We need the Jeep Jamborees to get the word out as they are the ones pushing the GMRS.