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  1. Asking for advice from all 2.0 owners - please

    I am 1 year and 24,000 kms in. Love my 2.0L. ONLY downside, paying for premium gas instead of regular.
  2. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    Thanks! I have gone through 4 other types of phone holders and have hated everything. Nothing worked. This was perfect!
  3. Is your 2dr a two seater?

    I have only had passengers in the back seats 2x in the last 11 months of owning my Jeep. Maybe I should take them out. More room for my dog.
  4. Turbo advice- worth it?

    I am 98% happy with my 2.0. What I did not realize when I bought it, is that it would need premium gas. That part I am not happy about. But damn doe it pick up speed fast. And I much prefer the quiet engine I have over the noisy 3.6.
  5. Cracked Windshield Club

    Last Tuesday something hit my windshield and took a chunk out of it. By the time I came out from work, it had spidered while parked. I dropped my Jeep off to get the glass replaced today, insisting on a Mopar glass. But they are saying Mopar only has Gorilla Glass as a replacement for my JL...
  6. windshield replacement

    My windshield was nailed by something yesterday. Took a chunk out of it while on way to work. When came back out of work, it had spidered from top to bottom. Took my JL Sport S into the window place today to get an estimate to be covered by insurance. I told him it has to be Mopar. When he said...
  7. To soft top or not, that is the question

    One of my favorite things about a Wrangler is the soft top. And the new one is so easy to put up/down, even by myself. When I ordered my JL, there was no question of duel or soft top. I went straight for the soft top. So on sunny Spring and Fall days, I was ready to put the top back and not have...
  8. Anyone else wish the soft top was more like the JK's?

    I love my JL soft top! Jump up at the red light, flip it back, and seat-belted back into my seat before it turns green - no problem. No need to remove windows. Could not do that with the previous top. Great if I only want it open for the drive from A to B.
  9. Jeeps parking next to Jeeps... post yours!

    I just can't get past the bad park jobs.
  10. Jeep owner’s intelligence

    When you live in a place like Vancouver, BC, where a small condo costs you $400K and up, there is no "living within your means". You budget. And my new Jeep was budgeted in.
  11. Jeep owner’s intelligence

    Ummm... who could afford to pay in cash? The new JL was expensive! I will be paying the damn thing off for the next 8 years. Good thing they last a lot longer than that.
  12. Jeep Dog pics

    Jeep arrived in September. She is going to love the top down come summer.
  13. Who loves their soft top?

    I love my premium soft top (except for the whole getting soaked when I open my door when it is raining). I did not even consider a hard top. And on a sunny day, I can easily flip the top half back while waiting at a red light. But because my 2-door JL Turbo did not come in until September, I...
  14. Who loves their soft top?

    "My only gripe so far is during my first heavy rain, when I opened the passenger door, water poured off the roof onto the passenger seat. I’m guessing I’m not the first person this has happened to." Happens on the driver's side too. I live in British Columbia where it rains more than half of...
  15. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Waited for the automatic 2.0 L Turbo. Would not have bought a V6 (or standard). Only downside is the need for premium gas. Still, not regrets.
  16. 2019 Jeep Wrangler Order Guide for Canada (2 & 4 door)

    I had the half doors on my YJ. Glad to have the full doors on my JL. Don't think I would get half doors again. If I was driving alone and had the passenger side window open, it would flap out the window on the highway - not good.
  17. VON to VIN: What’s the longest people are waiting?

    I finally picked mine up yesterday! Was at the rail yard from Aug. 24 - Sept. 4. Had to wait for the dealer to get it before I could pick up. Was the longest wait ever! Well, it seemed like it. Ordered June 7, picked up Sept. 6. So 3 months from order to pick-up.
  18. Drivers with automatic trans and 3.6L V6, any regrets on not getting the 2.0L Turbo?

    I live in Canada and my 2.0 arrived this week. Just waiting for the dealer to same come and pick it up.
  19. VON to VIN: What’s the longest people are waiting?

    My Jeep is built and on the way. I will get it around Aug. 24th.
  20. Canadian Ordering Experiences

    I tried contacting the chat to get an update on my build. Agent: " Congratulations on your new vehicle purchase! I can absolutely look into this here for you. Have you previously been provided a case or reference number?" Agent: "Thank you for holding. I am showing the order here...