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  1. Filling space between fenders and body

    Perfect. Thanks!
  2. Filling space between fenders and body

    I'm going to need some of that .38" solid core stuff myself. What is the installation procedure? Just press it in with your fingers or do you use some sort of plastic spatula or spackling tool?
  3. TOYO TIRE OPEN COUNTRY A/T III (315/70/17) Reviews?

    I've got 5 new A/T III tires headed my way. Went up a bit in size to a 285/75R17 from the 255/75R17 Firestone Destination M/T 2 tires that came on the rig. Those MT tires are not so great in the sands of the Arizona desert. I've run Toyo AT, Toyo MT, BFG KO2 & Nitto Ridge Grappler tires on my...
  4. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Yeah I was hoping for that but the option are few.
  5. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    As a Veteran I decided to go with the Arizona Veteran's Plate and recognize my SAC unit, the 93RD Bomb Wing.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    No. In 1992, as part of an overall post-Cold War reorganization of the U.S. Air Force, SAC was disestablished as both a Specified Command and as a Major Command. Assets & personnel were re-distributed to other commands.
  7. Arizona owners - please check in!

    LOL @47Jeepster Now I feel as though I was back in Tech School at Lowry! I'll do some reading and if I have any questions I'll send you a PM. I know neither my old Smartphone or Android tablet are connected to a network but I suppose I can still use them. I just have to download .gpx files to...
  8. Off Road Pages as Default Display?

    Nice. Works just like an Android device. Thanks for the tip, @jludave !
  9. Gas mileage

    Yeah, that key fob is a bone of contention with me as well. I've had much bigger vehicles with much smaller key fobs! I was not surprised at the mileage I saw being that it was the first fill up, it's still a very low mileage vehicle and I certainly haven't been shy about testing the throttle...
  10. Arizona owners - please check in!

    No mapping devices here yet although I've been wondering just how folks find their trails and trail information. We've done camping and even considered an RV on several occasions but never pulled the trigger. I don't see us overlanding or going on extended trips in the Jeep. Getting out onto...
  11. Arizona owners - please check in!

    Ahh...sorry for misunderstanding the reference. Yes, that is the National Defense Service Medal. Former SAC Trained Killer here, USAF 1972 - 1976, 8th Air Force, 93rd Bomb Wing; Castle AFB, CA. No, I have not and that interests me. I'm a total Jeep Noob and I'm sure there are folks out there...
  12. Arizona owners - please check in! I figured it will be. A couple of Ram forums did the same thing to me on three different 2500 trucks!
  13. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    The service advisor opened it up and there was obvious evidence that it had been in some liquid of some sort. Some small drips even hit the service bay floor when he popped the cover. I'm not sayin' it didn't fail due to water intrusion, I just wanna know how the f**k I got a fob with that...
  14. AZ Kickstarter $1300 Lift Package!

    This will probably void my warranty, huh...
  15. Arizona owners - please check in!

    LOL...I haven't given up defending the cash just yet but it's damned hard... 😁 I started small with the mods I've done but my experience tells me it will all lead to more and bigger mods. My rigs don't stay stock for long! First full year in AJ ended a few days ago. We relocated to...
  16. Off Road Pages as Default Display?

    Thanks for the response. That's a bummer. I figured as much having owned 8.4N head units before but I had to ask! How do you move the icon to the bottom?
  17. Arizona dealers!

    Another vote here for Courtesy Jeep/Superstition Springs in Mesa. Great buying experience with no BS or sales jargon. The deal was clear, they negotiated with me, gave me top dollar for my trade and the deal was done quickly. Can't comment on the service department yet as I only have about 325...
  18. Arizona owners - please check in!

    Howdy all from Apache Junction. Purchased a new 2021 Snazzberry JL from Courtesy on 2/5/21. I've come to the conclusion that JLWranglerForums will be a huge danger to my bank account balance. 😆
  19. Off Road Pages as Default Display?

    Hello everybody. I was wondering if anyone knows if, and how, the Off Road Pages can be set as a default display when you start the vehicle. Any ideas? Thank!
  20. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I drove to the Jeep dealer and talked with the Service department about my failed fob. Apparently they felt it had gone for a swim and would not be covering a replacement. Since I never took it swimming I'm wondering what jackass thought it was a donut and dunked it. 🤬 I'm gonna have a chat...