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  1. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Great advice I"m gonna try this !
  2. Willys cold weather package

    I only have 1500 miles on them but they have been fine so far. drove to work each day in the storm we just got. No issues at all but i also was'nt going 70mph like all the Beemers that ended up in the ditch !
  3. Willys cold weather package

    I also have the CWP on my Willys, gotta say it been nice to have in cold upstate NY.
  4. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    Not sure about the tires, I drove my Willys yesterday in about 10 inches of snow i have the stock MT tires on and had no issues at all. put her in 4H and away we went
  5. Happy with new Willys

    lovin the Willys decal !
  6. Happy with new Willys

    Wow i think I'd shit myself if a Jeep got 28 mpg. We will see ive only got 1400 miles on it so far !
  7. Happy with new Willys

    Well we are getting a blizzard here in upstate New York, So I had to be at work this morning at 6:30 took off in the Willys at 5:30 for my 25 mile commute in the snow. Im impressed so far drove in 4 High got to work no problems at all. Boss said go back home weather is too bad to work today. So...
  8. Painted my dash Sarge Green -- a few changes -- Cost $66.00

    Looks Great ! Nice write up too.
  9. Does 7 inch uconnect radio alert you to favorite artists and songs?

    Ok a follow up to the original post, had some time at work today to mess with the uconnect system. I found that if you go into the browse mode from SXM it shows favorites, if you open favorites it gives you the option to set visual alerts or visual and audio alerts for you favorite songs and...
  10. Does 7 inch uconnect radio alert you to favorite artists and songs?

    Thanks for the replies everyone ! Jeep cares I will wait until the first service and see what happens, thanks again.
  11. Does 7 inch uconnect radio alert you to favorite artists and songs?

    Hello all, new guy with a first question. I have a 2021 Willys with the 7 inch uconnect touchscreen radio. i was wondering if it will alert you to favorite artists and songs like the 8.4 radio that i had in my 15 Grand Cerokee Altitude. Ive only had the Willys for a week and have not seen any...