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  1. 37” no lift on JLUD

    I love the setup. Makes me want to do the same and put the proper bump stops to prevent rubbing at full flex. I like that Motobilt front bumper. Was thinking about that one or the EVO Alumnimum one which would allow me to keep my stock fog lights
  2. Huck's '21 Diesel Rubicon Build

    Thought I would show my past Jeeps I no longer own. 2013 Gecko Green 2 Door JK on 37s, and EVO everything 1989 Jeep YJ with 4.2 and 33s 1990 Jeep YJ with 4.2, HEI, 35s, and no lift
  3. Huck's '21 Diesel Rubicon Build

    Welcome to my build page, I am happy to be back in a Jeep again! Since selling my Gecko Green JK Sport on 37s back in 2016, I have had two YJs that I trailered around to offroad parks here in Texas. However, I will be moving to Washington State and won't have room for a trailer and second car...
  4. Nitto Ridge Grapplers Break Loose Often On Wet or Snow Covered Pavement

    I had a set of Nitto ridge grapplers on my 2015 f150 and I always felt that on turns the back end slid out way too easily. Then after a trip to Colorado in the snow, I decided I wanted to get rid of them. Ridge Grapplers do great in the dry and are super quiet on the road as well. However, my...