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  1. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    I use Kirkland full synthetic. $13 for 5 quarts.
  2. Which oil should I use and what oil weight?

    Some here will swear that if you use anything but Penzoil 0-20 your jeep will lock you in, and speed to the nearest cliff driving off with you in it and explode in mid air. Really. Just suggest using a 5-20 and people will start chanting like in Game Of Thrones, shame...... shame...
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yea, I used to ride the Harley till it got to 20f. Then I got older and wiser. Now I have trouble if it is a chilly morning in July. Shame.....:crying:
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yes indeed. You need an air compressor though. I bought this when I was driving alot for a job I had. I put a filter relocation kit on a little pickup I had and used this because I had frequent changes with all the miles. Comes with a variety of ends but basically a stiff plastic tube goes right...
  5. Need help removing armrest lid

    I wouldn't want to be leaning on my console with my phone under my elbow.
  6. Control Arm Help

    Yes, get extended sway bar links.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Not today but the other week I gave it its first oil change. Fiat designers must have forgotten to get the payoff from the oil change companies. They made it simple. I have an oil extractor from when I had a high milage pickup. Stuck that in and let it do its thing while I swapped the filter...
  8. Experience buying former rental?

    I have to say back in the 90s I got a rental Wrangler Cozumel. They took out the front driveshafts to discourage people from 4 wheeling in them. They told me that and I thought "OK. Challenge accepted". Enough speed (and Mexican beer) and the momentum will get you through just about anything...
  9. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    OK, I'm in for the longevity of nonsense. I'll up the ante and say I won't wave unless you have M/T tires 35 or larger! :rock:
  10. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    I think it's all figured out looking at his latest post......
  11. Who actually uses A/C?

    If you are not familiar with a jeep many would not realize the power window button is in the middle of the dash. Dumbest setup I have seen. But yes in the humid northern Virginia area I use AC. Even with the top down it is nice to have that cool breeze when you stop.
  12. Pulled the Trigger on Fender Vent Lights! (Running/Turn combo)

    So you are running both? Seems pretty slick. I did not think of orical lights as running lights but just as puddle lights so you could see walking up to your jeep in the dark. Seems like someone would just make the combo of both together.
  13. What is your ideal wrangler powerplant?

    I think adapting it to a JL would be quite the challenge.
  14. Possible end of V-6 for Wranglers? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    I want a nuclear-powered jeep. Figure an aircraft carrier can go 25 years, a wrangler should make 100 easy.
  15. What are the tailgate vents really for?

    Those things are not there to let air out. That is ridiculous. They are designed to let dust in while wheeling in dusy conditions or on washboard dirt roads. It is a very efficient design too. Mine work great.
  16. Why Not A Rubicon?

    They may just restrict off roading to solar powered mopeds though. Your sickening fossil fuel guzzling, carbon footprint stomping, rolling environmental hazard on wheels will be abolished like Newsom at a Trump rally!
  17. JL vs Defender crash test

    From what I can see driving in the Virginia / DC area, no one on the road takes it serious. I am just sailing with the current.😎
  18. I must be getting old...

    I replaced the birthday cake candles that were in the headlight housing of my Jeep. I used very bright Amazon specials. Marked the garage door with tape before starting to show where the candles flickerd a dim glow and tweaked the new bulbs to match. No issues. Lights up great, especially on...
  19. JL vs Defender crash test

    Ever drive a TJ, YJ or CJ? 0 to 60 in like 29.2 seconds!
  20. Anyone take the T50 door bolts out and leave them out?

    Took the painted nut off the hinges of my TJ in '03. They are still off and the doors are still on. I don't think you will have a problem.