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  1. Best Places to Live for Wheeling

    The northwest is special, the weather is great. Don’t believe the “it rains all the time”. It does get overcast or the light rains but the winters are mild. The summers are amazing. Plus canada being so close gives you a ton of camping, overlanding or wheeling options within a short drive.
  2. Best Places to Live for Wheeling

    Not sure how the northwest is for retirement but I love it for wheeling and the outdoors. I’ve lived in Oregon and Washington and this is an amazing area with an unlimited amount of trails and wilderness to explore. Also a stones throw from British Columbia which has a ton of wheeling...
  3. Oracle Oculus Bi-Led foggy lenses

    I installed these over the summer and got some fogging this winter. It did eventually go away though.
  4. Guess Who I ran into today

    That is pretty scary, its good it didn't turn into a worse accident. He was flying!
  5. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    indeed needed some adjustments, another member pointed out my my issue. Took it on the trail today and problem was eliminate. No complaints, wish you guys did have a install video though for the newbies like me.
  6. RK Adventure Series 3 vs MC Game Changer 3.5

    I have had my Metal Cloak 3.5 for a few months and absolutely love it. Every trail I’ve done has been a breeze and I love the ride quality even with the Rocksport shocks. I would 100% recommend it but like others have said RK is pretty good too. Don’t think you can go wrong either way.
  7. Maximus-3 JL Tire Carrier

    Not sure if you’ve already purchase it but I have had a few months of use on my tire carrier. The tire carrier is beautiful. The instructions were a little difficult to follow but I managed to figure it out. I have a 37” wheel and tire mounted to it. Not sure if others get the same but I get a...
  8. Washington FS: Brand New MetalCloak 2.5” True Dual Rate Coils (4) Full set

    Still available, local pickup preferred but will ship at buyers expense.
  9. Washington FS: Brand New MetalCloak 2.5” True Dual Rate Coils (4) Full set

    I ordered these and I ended up going with the 3.5 instead. They are brand new in the box uninstalled. They are over $400 from metalcloak directly, looking to get $300. Can meet you somewhere around Seattle or Tacoma.
  10. NW dealer recommendation

    I had a good experience at Northwest Jeep in Beaverton, they gave me what I wanted at the price I wanted. Easy transaction.
  11. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Before there was so many fires and I could get out and explore
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Tested out my new metalcloak suspension on some of the Evans Creek trails. Had a butt clinching moment on #519 but I lived.
  13. Washington FS: Stock 17” Rubicon Wheels with 33” Falken Tires

    I have 5 stock Rubi wheels with Falken Wildpeak tires. No tire pressure monitors on the tires and the spare does have a scratch. Otherwise still good set of wheels and tires with 8,000 miles on them. Local pickup only, willing to meet you around the Seattle-Tacoma area. $900 for all 5.