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  1. Options for topless season

    We are in S NH, we run a softop from April to Oct and a Sunrider from Oct to April (for those rare warm days we sometimes get)
  2. Fob doesn't work below freezing?

    Yes and No. Ours was working and we left it in the jeep and when it got cold it did this. It was because the battery was actually at the end of its life span. It would come and go
  3. Fob doesn't work below freezing?

    Our battery became very intermittent and stopped last week (ours is an 18)As I was driving I suddenly got FOB has left the vehicle. We ended up using the side FOB method and it worked great
  4. I finally got the toplift pro!

    If you ever break these they are basically drum rack clamps.
  5. JLU Rampage Windbreaker + Tonneau cover vs Bestop Windjammer + Duster -Water resistance w Safari Top

    just received my Mastertop Tonneau and windjammer this past Friday and put it on the other day. Got the twill. It's well made and extremely tight fitting. Took a lot of stretching to get it on. The wraparound windjammer is a nice feature and I think this set would go well with the bestop...
  6. Stripped a bolt.. f what do I do????

    one thing to consider if you're going to use a screw extractor set is to use a left handed drill bit. Sometimes when you're drill it will break the screw loose and the left handed bit allows for that screw direction
  7. JL key fob alternative

    This is starting to happen in the new IOS 14 software for iphone. It will certainly be brand dependent but it's certainly doable. I believe IOS is starting with BMW in the beta
  8. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Fronts are available backs are backordered
  9. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Where? The Bestop site shows them backordered Thanks
  10. dummy cap?

    found after hours of research Hard Top Enclosure Retainer - Mopar (6QJ48TX7AB)
  11. dummy cap?

    Ok that's funny .. It's the storage cap for the rear wiper hardness and the washer hose connection
  12. dummy cap?

    Anyone know what the part number or exactly where to find the cap that stores the rear wiper wiring hardness? broke mine Thanks
  13. Bestop 2 piece Soft Doors

    Any idea when the softdoorswill be back in stock
  14. I finally got the toplift pro!

    Funny guy LOL
  15. I finally got the toplift pro!

    Only tip I have is to get an battery ratchet and it will make it incredibly fast to do.
  16. Pretty Please Bestop

    Tooling for semi conductor. We make the tooling that fabs use to create wafers, flat panel display etc
  17. Pretty Please Bestop

    I'm in manufacturing too (almost 40 years) and we make much more complex products and we get them designed, prototyped, tested, lifeline testing and to manufacturing in 6 months
  18. Pretty Please Bestop

    And yet both those products bridge between the JL Wrangler and the JT Truck .. makes a ton of sense.
  19. Highest mileage JL so far?

    bought 3/18 just passed 35,000 miles and only issue is the defroster tab so far
  20. winter gasoline = increased fuel consumption

    Winter-blend fuel has a higher RVP because the fuel must be able to evaporate at low temperatures for the engine to operate properly, especially when the engine is cold. ... A lower RVP also helps prevent drivability problems such as vapor lock on hot days, especially in older vehicles.