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  1. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    I’d love to see them in stock. ;)
  2. Teraflex HD Alpha tire carrier with reinforcement

    I really need a solution. I’m tired of listening to my spare bounce around on the tailgate. Thinking of going the GenRight route but not sure I want to deal with all those steps to open and close the tailgate. Please release this soon!!! (Bonus points if you get the price down for us patient...
  3. What Control Arms should I buy?

    I’m no expert but I’d say it probably isn’t necessary. I have read where people claim the fixed lower control arms that come with their 2” Mopar lift improve handling by shifting the caster angle a bit. If I were stock I’d probably just look for someone selling a set and call it a day.
  4. Which Adjustable Track Bar?

    I run the TeraFlex. It's beefy and i have no complaints. BUT if i were to do it again i'd probably go full Steersmarts with their track bar, tie rod, and drag link.
  5. Armorlite JL Floor System

    I saw the mention of the cargo mat. Looking at your website I see the JK version and it is just a mat that sits on top of the carpet. Will the JL version be the same? Hoping that the full kit would replace all carpeting in the JLU.
  6. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Any plans for a full carpet replacement for the cargo area? Or is it just going to be the mat that goes over the carpet?
  7. Mirrors for when doors are off (trail mirrors)?

    Lange Coyotes work well for me. No vibrating and reasonably priced.
  8. Massachusetts JL Unlimited Rubicon Rock Rails

    Just took off my Rubicon Rock Rails. They fit 4 door unlimited JL’s. Hardware is included. Excellent condition, no scratches, dents, etc... Asking $75.00 Not looking to ship.
  9. 13.2 mpg with 37s....

    Tread pattern will make a big difference. Nitto Mud Grapplers have a pretty aggressive tread pattern.
  10. Lets Talk Seats

    04 Chevy Suburban 2500. Everyone loved the seats in that thing!
  11. ETA of Alpha Tailgate Reinforcement

    Put me down for one please!
  12. Sick of tire shine products

    another vote for 303. I like it because it doesn't make the tires shiny but keeps them looking black.
  13. Rubicon locker switch

    Yeah, i've heard those are tough to get. I was hoping i could use the 2 wire harness and wire up the switch so it was basically just a switch without all the extra stuff.
  14. Rubicon locker switch

    I may be wrong but i've been researching the same and have come to the conclusion that it either can't be done or would be very difficult and have to include a dealer flash to do. I've decided to wire them to my aux switches. As much as i'd like the clean setup of using the rubicon switches, I...
  15. Front bumper that utilizes factory halogen foglights?

    I can confirm that they do fit in the Warn Elite stubby.
  16. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    Dealer Name: Station Chrysler Jeep City, State: Mansfield, MA Date Taken In (for evaluation, not specifically to do the work): 9/11/2020 Date Completed: 9/24/2020 Did you buy your Jeep from this dealer: No Your Jeep has suspension/tire modifications: Yes Dealer disputed the TSB (didn’t want to...
  17. Massachusetts Factory LED Foglights

    I ended up using mine.
  18. BestTop Duster Deck Cover 9003635

    I thought the same thing when I got mine installed! I called and they said it’s to line up with the cross member for the wind jammer. Problem is I don’t think the wind jammer goes to the edge, only the middle part where the track is. Looking at photos though it looks like the rampage one is...