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  1. Poll on the primary reason you are purchasing a 4Xe

    Or higher in my experience in about all places I've been and questionable quality at some.
  2. What's the craziest thing you've used your winch for?

    I used two of my Jeeps with the winches to keep a tree I cut down that was next to my house I had in GA. I only had a narrow lane I could drop the tree in house both sides fence, power lines a tight zone for it. I had a bunch of doubters watching and betting on it falling wrong. I won.👍
  3. Driving my Jeep makes me arrogant

    Play stupid.... win stupid prize, drifting in wet sand don't work.
  4. Driving my Jeep makes me arrogant

    I really need to send that to buddy of mine his parents are mix of Japanese, Chinese, Korean and American 57 mix 😉 named David and his mother is in bingo club.
  5. Electric Jeep Wrangler EV to be called "MAGNETO" Concept?

    Well I'm hopeful for a solid Axle EV Wrangler with capabilities and range. (Loose them I'm gone) It would be a D.D. and more, I don't need a big ass thing to seat 4 plus pro basketball or football players in comfort just 2 adult seats, back seat /storage area AKA TJ/LJ size. A 200-350 mile...
  6. Driving my Jeep makes me arrogant

    I don't normally "miss" the lake effect snow but damn if it's not better than freezing rain and large quantity of people who have never really learned about driving in snow and ice. Especially yes my vehicle can go but not stop on ice. My drive home on Saturday morning took 3 hours the first 2...
  7. Windshield Defroster Fix

    Hmm maybe another "cheap fix" for it lay your gloves in the middle while you are driving, gloves get toasty warm and dry too? Must just be that I've always had a glasses case or something setting up in that area in past Jeeps. Or in it's handicaped fat sluggish cousin's military Hummers and 2...
  8. Stupid Question - Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?

    Dang everyone else must be a lot shorter than me that have a JL 🤔 my head's only maybe 1/2 inch away from the thing from the top in my JT. 🙄 But now think about this...
  9. Walked away from a totaled Rubicon

    Good to hear your guardian angel was working overtime. I hope you don't have any un-noticed injury's that pop up down the road. But end all be all.... glad you walked away from it.
  10. Wave at Gladiators?

    Well I'm over here from the "dark side" AKA Gladiator. Yes I wave at CJ, YJ, TJ, LJ,JK, JLs and low and behold any other Jeeps. I've heard from many this or that isn't a real Jeep like my MJ or XJs. Now after all the other Jeep's that my XJ has dragged out of being stuck then hearing it not a...
  11. Clock losing time

    My JT loses time too a few minutes every week or so. When it gets about 10 minutes late I reset it or the it just blanks out on me sets time to 00:00 and turns off the radio. :headbang: I need to take a note to remind me when I take it in.
  12. Warn Winch - What 12v accessories to the winch?

    Might be useful for portable air compressor or 12v work lights?
  13. Winch Winch Winch

    I used the same kit on my XJ, on JT I did the same thing but bought parts for less. :like: I did a write up on the JT forum of it.
  14. Winch in the desert? / Winch Anchor?

    Look up the old US Army vehicle recovery Field Manual. I have done the deadman recovery in it for a M35 2 1/2 ton not fun to dig but you will know how to after doing it. If I buy a winch anchor it will be "the name brand" one used in Camel Trophy competition. It's been it my "shopping cart"...
  15. Winch Winch Winch

    I think the question is how many winches do I have. My XJ ran duel winches 8k Ramsey front and 8k H.F. rear. My LJ has had 2 different ones started with a 6k Mile Marker short drum I was saving weight and space, then it failed dropping the load replacement with Q-Tec 9.5k winch. JT currently...
  16. Moab Downfall

    Not a barb to you just a Segway in on this problem. A old line "What is the difference between a backpacker and a bum" a trust fund. Now about that, I'm not a trust fund kid I started camping and backpacking in 80s, MTN bike in 90s(pedal powered) Jeeps after returning from Desert Storm. I...
  17. Totaled my JL

    Glad that you are ok and see you soon on the dark side :LOL: AKA the Gladiator forum.
  18. Poll: How important is a shovel in your 4 wheeling recovery arsenal?

    The difference between a friend and buddy.... You call a buddy and need help he responds what do you want. The friend responds "I got a shovel and tarp, I'll be there soon" ;) I've hardly ever needed it, mainly times I don't have one. Times used rock crawling... Scraping up soil after blowing...
  19. Can someone identify this winch and motor needed? Thanks,

    It looks about like the older H.F. 8000 winch from about 20 years ago. But the winch control box is different. So probably just another of the early made in China 8 K winch that was sold under many different brand names with their control box cover. If so it's about the slowest winch I have...
  20. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Revealed With 50 MPG-E, 375 Horsepower/470 LB-FT Torque!

    Yes! When I started on the "waiting list" I knew it was a down the road project and expensive. But not when I see more fluff and mirrors. It has turned into a "government like" contract project aka way over priced under performer no where on time or budget.