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  1. Hello From JeepCares

    JeepCares is not a Free service they get paid for doing this is there job, As for dealers or vendors they are trying to get your business with some are passionate and trying to help. It amazes me how people would think that JeepCares is a person donating their time for free... Don’t Star a...
  2. Hello From JeepCares

    I guess that Jeep don't Care @JeepDon'tCares :bandit:
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    Just like they speak about diesel and now announced that 2022 will be the end of diesel power train in all FCA passenger vehicles. Relax my little grasshopper and wait what the world will bring, and don't make definitive posts until you know for 100% that there will be no hybrid Wrangler a lot...
  4. Rubicon Dreams on a Sport S Budget

    buy a parts jeep or from people that part out racks, there will be plenty of them parted out from copart and other sites its type.
  5. Full steel roof JL? Would you buy it?

    You are asking in the wrong place, the small percentage of owners that this site represent are most "true to origins" to Wrangler to have a biased opinion. If you would ask the question to the majority of the customers that have or are looking to purchase a SUV/Wrangler they will most likely...
  6. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    You must work for the FCA and have a crystal ball to know what they are going to do and not to do ... Since i have you can you please tell me when the 2 door diesel in blue will be available? Thanks
  7. How do you drive over speed bumps, pot holes, etc. in your Jeep?

    Right, Raptors are build for fast off rough terrain maneuvering like demonstrated in this video.
  8. Demand For Turbo Engine

    sweet will look awesome in Chi Town. Lived there 15 years
  9. Demand For Turbo Engine

    Right on man! Great choice what color?
  10. Demand For Turbo Engine

    You cant add a cost of the Automatic to engine choice, even if its required. People that drive and want a manual will not go to auto just cause of the engine. Now if get Auto then you select engine choice and its 1K difference that is all. Now is this a good deal depends on whats important for...
  11. Jeeps Market Analysis

    No one was triggered, and i hope no one would be for this. I do agree that everyone is now getting "triggered" by everything and its a shame. This could be only for this option not for the JL but if you ever spend some time around marketing collateral everything is created to a specific...
  12. Jeeps Market Analysis

    Do you find it interesting that description of Prox. Key suggests that more of the key fobs are located in a purse over a pocket, briefcase not even mentioned. Its a standard practice when writing marketing collateral to place the most relevant choice first. Is Jeep making a statement based on...
  13. Girls think that the hottest car is the Jeep...

    only if its 2 door and a manual, others have opposite reaction. People will ask if they can get a ride to the soccer field :bandit:
  14. Girls think that the hottest car is the Jeep...

    Interesting as it’s not a car… on a serious note did they mentioned by any chance if it has to be Rubicon or could it be just a sport ? :cwl:
  15. 2019 Availability ?

    thank you all for input
  16. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    If you believe that then good for you, go buy it and go entertain your kids in place of paying attention
  17. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    The Phew, This was a type that i made and corrected right after i post it, i guess you were quicker... any way i see you cant address any of the points and now trying to be proven right by checking spelling, grammar, and typo errors
  18. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    read you own post if you forgot how this started you think that the ACC will allow you to be a distracted driver so you can attend your kids. Then you claim that this technology is reason for declined death numbers starting from year 1970. in the end as i stated from the beginning, to each...
  19. Adaptive Cruise Control?

    Sorry if you missed the original post, my question is do people know what they are asking for other then what the marketing commercial showed them on super bowl. " Wow i don't need to pay attention and can send out my tweets and the car technology will protect me." check out the people that...