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  1. California New Mopar drag Link

    I have a brand new Mopar drag link upper section for sale pick up or shipped on your dime. Thought I was going to need it for my rubicon axle swap. My mistake is your win. $125.00 plus shipping. Quadratec has it for 198.99. That’s a big discount.
  2. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Haha same here.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Axle swap is done. Installed brand new rubicon front axle and a axle I got off @wibornz . Got my alignment all double checked and happy. Now hoping to get out in the dirt soon
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    When righty tighty turns into righty loosie .
  5. How are your cloth seats holding up?

    2 years and counting zero issues. I use 303 seat protectant twice a year on them though
  6. Factory Half Door Installation Video For JL / JLU / JT

    Not pumped with the front double window. I understand why it’s like that for sealing the uppers better but it’s not to very clean looking. The bottoms look amazing though. I’d be interested in this option still though.
  7. Wisconsin 35 MTs and Wheels for your Stock Wheels

    damn! if you where in california i would have taken these in a heart beat.! have the mt 33's with the rubicon wheels -_- good luck!
  8. Sandstone canyon closure

    This is the real deal. sandstone is closed at the small rock crawl area. this came as some DICKHEAD thought it was a great idea to remove a protected tree at the end of the canyon and then install a winch point Illegally. Pre the Anza park Superintendent. this will remain closed to vehicles...
  9. Washer fluid on side windows

    cant say there is a solution. every make and model has this problem if you have proper fluid flow
  10. Tire Fitment for Sport with Rubicon springs

    i ran just rubicon take off hard top suspension without any rub on the rubi take off 33" MTs with the sway bar disconnected
  11. 2019 Sport Regear

    you are a brave soul running 37's on the 30/35 axles. they where not build to run that large of a tire. Even the factory dana 44 HD wides are recommended full truss with 37's. but for gearing i would go 4.88 with 37's
  12. Lifted Suspension Issues - Need Advice

    WOOOOW never seen rear coils that bowed even on full articulation. some thing here is reallllllly off. its like you have the control arms in the wrong spot. the rear axle is pushed back way to far. and your caster looks really bad. from the pictures. spring is not seated correctly either. I...
  13. Lift Kit install Recommendations

    shoot an call to my guy over at Huntington beach jeep... Adventure off road. His name is Mike Rice direct number is 1-714-475-6512 great dude and very fair priced on parts. he match online pricing for my front rubicon axle and didn't hit me with shipping cost. Really good guy. shoot me a mention...
  14. SmokeyTheJLU Build Journal

    Newest update. I now have a Sporticon. rubicon Dana 44’s front and rear. Also did synergy HD tie rod, and parking brake cable relocation bracket. Currently running stock sport brakes while I wait on my power stop big brake back order to come in a Couple months. Wired the lockers in and hoping...
  15. ‘20 Sport S Unlimited Build Recommendations

    sent you a pm with the link to a really nice arb mount heres a link to the quake spod setup. its not for everyone but a good budget for running just lighting...
  16. First mods on my 2021 JLUR - What should they be?

    diff skids and a belly pan. the jeep is so capable stock its not even funny but my stock skids got beat to crap with the poor break over angle and big rocks. i have the EVO belly skids and love them. have yet to dent them at all. you could always do the fender chop with the stock fenders and a...
  17. JKS Quick discos without cutting tab

    i cut the tab on my sport axles. and just cut the tab on my rubi axle i just put on the jeep. i dont regret it and never plan to use any other sway bar disconnects. I did how ever keep the cut piece just incase i need to weld it on for the sell of the axle. but the JKS quick disconnects are...
  18. ‘20 Sport S Unlimited Build Recommendations

    good morning i see a bunch or views and no replies. i currently have a sportS. mopar makes a good lift kit but make sure you get the longer lower control arms and not the cam washers. 35's will look a lot better then the 33's but 33's are still work able. im on a 2.5" lift... ( note all lifts...