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  1. North Carolina Roll Call

    @chevymitchell & @ThirtyOne ... you all sure there was a trail here...Holy Snikies!
  2. North Carolina Roll Call

    @chevymitchell , I agree with you…I’m partial to both of yours as well! Carrie’s looks like a little Tonka truck to me and yours is like a Dakar Race Rally vehicle with the gold beadlocks and the wicked awesome mud flaps. I’ve let the dealer do warranty work (though I’ve regretted that a few...
  3. My 37s are rubbing in the rear. 2 1/2" lift.

    @HappyJeeper , easiest solution is to remove the lower piece (three bolts) and leave it off, then for the section just above, use a heat gun to mold the area back…bam! No more rubbing! BTW, I saw do this a long while back…I did not come up with it, but it works. Or, you could use it as an...
  4. 2020 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Tracker

    Looks like Power Tank will have a good deal - 10% off and Free Shipping for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Code: BFCM2020
  5. North Carolina Roll Call

    Carrie ordered hers back in January, but between the 6 speed recall and plant closing…she didn’t get it until June. Then her Jeep spent about two weeks total at the dealer for an electronic throttle control issue…but also had the new steering box put in! D&C Garage started with the simple stuff...
  6. North Carolina Roll Call

    @UNC Rubicon let me just say WOW! It looks Awesome!!
  7. North Carolina Roll Call

    @mgroeger , you are cool, smart and darn good looking! Just chant that at least once a day and it will remain least for you!
  8. New Jeep-Themed Apparel - JeepDoodles is Now a Forum Sponsor

    Leave it up to @mgroeger to give himself a compliment.... @melendez69 , I had to look up FTFY as well.... @ThirtyOne , Congrats on getting this started up! I've seen you're work and you are truly talented; kind of reminds me of @mgroeger :like: Any chance of having the art on the back of the...
  9. I've never went "offroad" before, but today I gave it a shot..

    Wheeling a 2 door that's livin'! :like: Way to go @footose !!
  10. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    Hey @intentsrig , FWIW, I chased down what sounds like the same creaking clutch as well. I didn’t think it was coming from the peddles, but the dealer replaced the assembly, then the slave cylinder…no dice. After chasing it further…the head guy got under there with me and we both thought it...
  11. North Carolina Roll Call

    WOW! That really brings home the transformation of Mud Muffin! I'm glad you made the time to put that together and post! It's great to see and really helpful to a lot of us to see how all the parts we drool over come together in real life! Two of the coolest rigs out there! :rock:
  12. North Carolina Roll Call

    Man, the Jeep ride you all did was a cool thing to do; I'm betting those folks will be talking about it for some time. From your 1983 flip phone terrible camera pic, there were some great looking rigs. If you get better shots form anyone, please post. I know it was a ton of work (and money)...
  13. North Carolina Roll Call

    Same as I sent out to the group me folks: re: Uwharrie not opening next week...
  14. North Carolina Roll Call

    Yeah...that's because you've moved on to hookers! This scene soo much reminds me of you!
  15. North Carolina Roll Call

    Totally agree! One or both of my girls have been on almost every adventure! Spending time with your family is the best way to spend time...doing so in a Jeep...only makes it better!
  16. North Carolina Roll Call

    @mgroeger , the pics at Lake Jordan really show off two awesome rigs! All your wrenching on your wife's is paying off big time...maybe you and @chevymitchell need to open a garage soon! BTW, nice ingenuity on the sleeping're kind of like MacGyver! Well, sort of a less famous...
  17. Where are the Black and Green jeeps out there?

    They're Milestar Patagonia's @Stormin’ Moorman , when did you move up your tire size? Your Jeep is looking awesome'r!
  18. North Carolina Roll Call

    Hey @JRod , I'm sure tread depth is a factor as is age, brand, etc., but I'm not 100% sure of what all they use to factor, but it's pretty easy. Just swing by a DT and ask them what they'll give you for them off a new set of tires. They'll take a look at your tires, plug it into their computer...
  19. North Carolina Roll Call

    @mgroeger ....Awesome...just Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing! Travel safe!!
  20. North Carolina Roll Call

    Hey @foxswimmer , Welcome to the Fun Zone! FWIW... Tire questions: I’ve heard some tire shops will not mount 35’s on the 7.5” wide rim…but like @mgroeger said, there are plenty of shops. There’s plenty of debate if 315 or larger tires should be mounted on the 7.5” size…but you’ll make the...