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  1. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Love the concept, but the sound engineer in me is wondering where the hell all that volume of air is coming from to allow those 8"s to properly perform?? Don't get me wrong, I love overkill but does it actually sound good in performance? Are those things really midbass drivers?
  2. Gonz's '18 JLU Audio Upgrade w/pics

    Damn, sorry to hear about the SSV enclosure being shit. I was leaning that way with my future build as well, since the JL Stealthbox seems brandy priced. But I guess you get better quality control with the price.
  3. Amp Selection Help

    #1, don't worry about damaging the speakers if you have more watts on the amp than what the speakers are designed to handle. That's the role of the gain control on the amp. It's not a volume control either, it controls how much signal comes into the amp from the head unit. You're not going to...
  4. Gonz's '18 JLU Audio Upgrade w/pics

    Seriously, the 10tw3 doesnt fit? Damn. What did you end up going with that should perform the same'ish? How much bigger was the jl for the box?
  5. Speaker Replacement Instruction Options

    Great find. What speakers did you go with in the kick panels? Are you amping them?
  6. SSV Works Soundbar 6.5" speaker adapter installed

    Great write up, but question, how did you cut through the cord? Isnt it outside and on top? What would you do differently next time? In terms of overloading the speaker...if you had a beefier 6.5 that handled more wattage do you think that would work versus having to split off to a 2.75 driver?
  7. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Yes, my bad, I have the premium upgrade so I was referring to the stock alpine amp that is feeding the factory system. And yes, full range from 1 through 20k hz :)
  8. Speaker replacement upgrade

    So let's assume we're replacing the two stock 8 ohm speakers with two 4 ohm speakers. Option 1 (parallel) = 2 ohm load Option 2 (series) = 8 ohm load Do we know if the stock alpine amp can run those channels at 2ohm? Also, by replacing the two speakers in the soundbar with a coaxial, I...
  9. SSV Works Soundbar 6.5" speaker adapter installed

    Wow, it sounds like you bridged the stock amp and sent more power to the 6.5s. First person I heard of doing that! Does it really make that much of a differenc? Also, do you have significant midbass from the soundbar now?
  10. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    The only question I have is whether you can fold the seat down or not with that box. If you can't then that's a no go for me
  11. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    I considered doing that install location as well, until I realized that if caught in a downpour, with the top down, that area will get soaked and could potentially result in leakage. On another forum, some guy had that exact scenario happen, so now I'm investingating where under the steering...
  12. What Did You Do To Improve The Luxury or Comfort Of Your Jeep?

    Love our factory leather seats too. Didnt think I would coming from my Alcantara seats in my scatpack and my recaros in my cts-v..but yes, super comfy on long trips!
  13. Defender Mid-Width and Dagger Stubby Bumpers

    Hmm, would love to know what you did to modify it...make the hole bigger? lol I love the look and the light output of the 9's, would hate to downsize if I can't make it fit.
  14. Speaker replacement upgrade

    @carstereochick is there a different DAC and eq in the X409 versus stock 8.4?
  15. Defender Mid-Width and Dagger Stubby Bumpers

    How specifically are you mounting them? Is anything predrilled for them?
  16. Here's the NEW 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Recon Edition

    Just a sub package for the base CJ7. There was even a Laredo too. I had a base '83 CJ-7 that somehow got some of the Levi Jeans crossover interior too.
  17. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Wait, all you did was polyfill and put sound deadening in? And that screwed up the output?
  18. JL Jeep Audio / RF DSR1 Set up files.

    Why not just go with an amp with built in Dsp that you can connect to via bt?
  19. white walls in or out??

    Laces out for sure!