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  1. Flat pack Jeep- these would sell like crazy...

    When I was in Junior High, I used to see these advertised in the back of magazines. I was never quite sure if they were a real thing or some kind of gimmick, but I wanted one (even though I wasn’t old enough to drive yet!). I was trying to figure out how to go in on one with a friend - which of...
  2. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    You may already know this and still have a complaint, but just in case you (or others) don’t . . . You can start in 4L without the clutch PROVIDED that it is after a stall. After stalling (accidentally or on purpose) you have about 20 seconds to restart without using the clutch. The message on...
  3. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    My interpretation at those checkpoints is that you just have to HAVE 4WD to get past them, not that you have to be using it. They will probably just wave you through; engage 4WD when you feel it's needed.
  4. 2020 Recon break in tune from the factory?

    Yes, mute button is the way to do that.
  5. 6 speed Rubicon binding noise in 4low

    Does it do it only when turning? You still get wheel hop on loose surfaces when turning, it's just that the slipping that is allowed prevents binding/damage. It's more noticeable in 4L than 4H. If that's not it maybe it's something to get checked out.
  6. Snow Day! Show Off Your JL Covered In Snow!

    From last winter's trip from California to Montana. We hit chain restrictions both ways (luckily not required for the Jeep), and lots of snow covered roads. Performed great!
  7. What’s everyone using to keep your plastic fender flares black?

    Another vote for Turtle Wax Ice, although I haven't tried any of the others. I use it because i can use it on everything - metal, fenders, hardtop, handles, etc. It keeps things easy - which means I'm more likely to do it. 2+ years so far and everything still looks great.
  8. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    When I was there the state park had re-opened, but I think it was at a reduced capacity.
  9. Is it too much to ask?

    I get it. In addition to “unwrapping” it, dealers are supposed to do a pre-delivery inspection, including a test drive. That’s the part that bothered me more, but I got over it.
  10. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Spectacular day at Pismo Beach!
  11. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Spent the day at the beach (Pismo Beach)!
  12. Going in for clutch recall - should I remove skid plates?

    There is a very good chance that all they will do on the clutch recall is remove a hose clip, install a protective sleeve, and possibly bleed the system. That's what they did on mine, and on most that have been reported on this forum. If they find a potential problem, they will do a clutch...
  13. Jeep Accident in the Colorado Mountains

    A short clip from this video made it on to the CBS Evening News last night (Saturday). They didn't mention the specific location (but I knew from this forum!).
  14. 6 Speed JLUR RPM bounce

    Yep that’s normal behavior. Don’t ask me why, but there are some theories floating around here.
  15. JL 3.6L - Oil Dipstick Issue

    Have you ever checked the oil prior to this DIY change? Just wondering if it is something that you never noticed or if something changed.
  16. Buying my first jeep

    The rain coming in when you open the doors is really one of those "Jeep things." They all do it. There are some threads here about add-ons to avoid it, but I just accept it. The door sill guards are to protect the painted area at the base of the door when you step in and out.
  17. Noticing no outside air coming in

    My JLU doesn't let any air through the ventilation when the fan is set to off (previous Jeep was the same). I've always assumed that was on purpose (to keep out dust and odors when wanted), and maybe because the outside air is routed through the cabin air filter. When I want outside air, I set...
  18. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Thank you Mike! Those look great!
  19. Manual transmission parking method?

    Same here. I don't know what I do, but I'll try to notice next time. As long as it's in gear, parking break on, engine off, and you don't jerk through the garage wall or into anything, all's well!
  20. Dealership B.S.

    I think the odds are much better at getting it done correctly at a quick-lube / drive-through place. They will look up the capacity. Jeep service departments "know" what it takes and can't be bothered to check.