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  1. New Jeep — what’s this stuff?

    license plate and mat is for bottom of rear storage bin
  2. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    Just to be clear. Regardless of what lights (LED, Halogen, etc.) are currently in my JL I can remove them and put in the heated Oculus LED headlights and they will work as designed. Is this a correct statement?
  3. The Never Ending Journey to a Two Door on 37s - C1

    I feel your pain with #9. Mine makes popping noises more often than I care for, drives me crazy.
  4. Who would be interested in a HEATED Oculus LED Headlight option?

    While I prefer option 1, I am wondering what the lifespan of the light/heating element will be since I run with my headlights on all the time. I am also curious about the "Temperature Sensor". Wouldn't it be better to tie into the jeep wiring somehow so when the Jeep thinks it is 37° (or so)...
  5. Auto windows (Up & Down) Is it safe to assume that this is never going to come to fruition?
  6. Floor Jack Cradle or Adapter

    It may be that your floor jack does not have enough proper reach. I have a Harbor Freight with a 24" lift height that works great. For the trail I use a mix of equipment. Some of my favorite is from Safe Jack ( They make great bottle jack accessories that work both on and...
  7. Big driving improvement after LCA swap

    @DadJokes @rickinAZ @blnewt Thanks for the feedback. I have been apprehensive about doing this but felt the steering needed an additional boost in performance.
  8. Big driving improvement after LCA swap

    Yesterday I installed the longer lower control arms. What a big (better) difference it made in driving. But it also made a big difference in my caster. My before caster was L/5.3 - R/5.2, my post caster is L/6.3 - R/6.4. The correct range for caster is 4.0 - 5.8. Any ideas on how this will...
  9. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I just noticed that when I go into my MOPAR account that under my JL in the dealer installed section it shows: Steering Pump & Iron Gear Serv. Plan
  10. Too late to do 5 wheel rotation?

    It is not too late to start a 5 tire rotation. You may want to make it clear with them what your 5 tire rotation pattern looks like. This is what I use.
  11. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I originally thought that using a hose would suffice instead of an air tank thus allowing the air to become closer to the ambient temperature. That way I would not be putting hot air into tires. In practice this is proving to be not as good as my theory. I am going back to a straight air draw...
  12. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    I stand corrected. I also have the pleasure of living in snow country that requires me to stop every few miles and get out a spatula to clear out my snow packed non-heated LED headlights.
  13. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Funny, it is like you know nothing about the steering issues.
  14. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I really like @LUV2JEEP setup but can't afford to give up that much space in my JL. I am going an unconventional route. I have a MORE mount behind the drivers seat. From the compressor and the ARB remote quick connect the air hoses run to underneath the drivers seat. There they have quick...
  15. ARB Dual Air Compressor question....

    I keep the filter in my bag of air stuff and just plug it into the coupler before I plug in a hose. I have basically the same set up as you but I have a JL.
  16. ARB Dual Air Compressor question....

    You should build an inline filter and plug it in before your hose whenever you use your air compressor.
  17. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Push back, the dealer may be correct on the number and frequency of ordering parts but on my JL the repair took under 4 hours and it was the shops first one.
  18. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    No issues. At the end of the day it is still just two 12 volt batteries, they are just a different shape than the stock batteries.
  19. NEW Genesis Dual Battery Kit released 9/1/20 & new battery updates

    Will the new tray offer be a lifetime offer for customers that purchased a kit before July 1, 2020? There is no real need to purchase a replacement tray until new batteries are needed.
  20. To Catch a Catch Can

    Instead of taking my catch can apart every time I go to the dealer I took a chance and asked the service manager if I could show his oil change guys how to deal with my UPR catch can and my Fumoto drain valve. He gave me 6 mechanics for a quick class and the next time I went they asked if they...