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  1. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    I think the BFG Ko2 “looks” better than the Falken Wildpeak AT3W but I know the AT3W is a better tire. I have them on two vehicles, a GMC 1500 pickup in P275/55-20 and on my JL in LTC 285/70-17. Amazing in snow, offroad, rocks, mud, hot pavement, etc. Ive had bfg’s, generals, Duratracs(great...
  2. Oil change: 1 yr but maintenance monitor says

    5000 miles or 12 months. Good rule of thumb to follow
  3. How much to ask for my Jeep

    Oh true, the old engine and interior will push it to the lower end. some guys prefer the 3.8...
  4. How much to ask for my Jeep

    Yeah 25-30k seems right
  5. How to drive in snow and ice, for dummies...

    If the road is covered in snow use 4x4. Leave 2-3 times more room in front of you than you usually do to stop safely, and watch your rear view mirrors.
  6. Experience buying former rental?

    I've owned 5 prior rental cars and drove them well past 100k without any mechanical issues that could be attributed to abuse or being rented. In fact my dad bought a 2003 suburban from enterprise and has more than 300k on it now.
  7. Differential oil change

    Hmm, I’ve never used teflon tape on diff drain plugs, and never had an issue. I actually ground down my diff drain plugs slightly to prevent them catching on rocks.
  8. Differential oil change

    you can run the oils with LS additive in them in a vehicle without limited slip. No harm done. I run amsoil 75w90 in front and 75w140 in rear with mopar LS additive. (I have LS in my sport) The rubicons do not have limited slip they have e-lockers which do not require additive.
  9. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    “My 4x4 isnt working” General Help “The dealer says I need parts” General suspicion “My diff was full of water” More suspicion and questions “My jeep was full of water” Holy shit dude
  10. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    If your diff was "full of water" you would need gears and bearings replaced if you drove on it for more than a few miles. FYI, I would be highly suspect of just needing a side gear in the differential.
  11. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Have you been through deep water recently? “Full of water” makes no sense
  12. 4XE Which build to buy. Need some points of view

    Get the anti-spin if you do not get the full time 4x4 option and you live where it snows.
  13. Just bought JLUR Suspension for my 2 Door Sport S. Question though

    The rubi springs and shocks on a 2 door is a great upgrade. Put on the longer lower control arms you need those if you want it to drive right.
  14. Let's see those lifted 2 doors...

    4 door Rubicon springs and 286/70-17’s. .75” daystar kit is waiting to go on. 3” lift, D44’s and 35” tires someday
  15. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    someone needs some bigger better tires
  16. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    if the front driveshaft rotates in 2wd then why add the cost and complications of the FAD? Front axle disconnect? Full time 4wd (auto4wd) is and has been an option on rubicons in europe and now in the US. The FAD was added on the JL for increased fuel economy and general reduction of NVH.
  17. Help?! 2020 JLU Fishtailed and Rolled From Potential Clutch and ABS System Failure

    Mud tires and slick roads dont mix well. Ive seen it many times.
  18. Anyone regret installing Rubicon suspension on Sport?

    4 door hardtop towing pack rubicon springs on a 2 door are a great mod. The rubicon shocks are fairly low grade and on my list to upgrade to Bilsteins likely. The combo works well. I bought 3/4” spacers to add in when the snow thaws. With steel bumpers and 2 adults and 2 kids, it sags a bit in...
  19. 2 Door Hard Top NVH Question

    The hardtops are really loud if you get alot of snow and ice. Creaks, bangs, booms. Jeep life