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  1. 2018 JL Gobi Rack Install Problem

    Mine's the same way. After you install the light bar assembly you won't notice it.
  2. Air Compressor Options

    I have the same compressor and this might be the coolest single thing I ever learned on this forum. Thank you!
  3. Camp stove

    We use a Camp Chef Everest and a propane tank adapter that fits perfectly on the Mopar tailgate table.
  4. Battery Tender Hook Up

    I keep a Battery Tender on mine, too, but mine lives in the driveway just outside the garage, so I mounted the tender inside the garage and ran wiring outside to near the Jeep. On the Jeep, I attached a covered, flush-mount SAE plug to the flat plastic shroud just behind the front bumper with...
  5. It’s brisket time

    Agree about the temp control on the Traeger. It also has a hot spot above the fire pot that tends to dry things out that are placed above it (especially brisket). I addressed the hot spot by putting an Al foil tent on the drip pan just above where the fire pot is (see pic). The Traeger is really...
  6. It’s brisket time

    Mmm, brisket. I've been using Traegers for years but finally ordered a stick burner. The learning curve begins in April!
  7. Bourbon talk...

    Decisions, decisions...
  8. Gobi Rack Owner's Dimension Question

    Outside dimension for the upper tubes on my Stealth is 52". Hope that helps!
  9. Auxiliary reverse light

    I mounted a Baja Designs S2 under the bumper and fished the wiring through the passenger side frame rail to the Aux 3 wiring in the engine bay. Works great, and only comes on when I want.
  10. Is there a way to stop the sway-bar from reconnecting above 18 mph?

    To "set it on again", do you have to use the Taser settings menu, or just the button on the dash?
  11. Is there a way to stop the sway-bar from reconnecting above 18 mph?

    Totally hate this "feature", too. Watching for knowledgable replies...
  12. Lippincott Road veterans - would appreciate some advice

    We ended up doing the Hunter Mt. Loop, which was pretty cool. Lost Burro Mine was a good place to visit, and a short hike led to a spot that overlooks Racetrack.
  13. Peddle Extentions

    Yeah...not in that context. But who cares - it's all good word play fun.
  14. Peddle Extentions

    Ooh, almost. You PEDAL a bicycle. :)
  15. More Bronco delays

    And for the motorcylists...KTM = Keeps Taking Money.
  16. More Bronco delays

    As an aside, I can't decide which I like better - "Fix it again, Tony", or "Failure in automotive technology." ;)
  17. More Bronco delays

    The manual Sasquatch, yes. Not sure about the auto.
  18. More Bronco delays

    Yeah, but if it's a supplier issue it's probably out of their hands.
  19. More Bronco delays