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  1. The clutch gang!

    I've always driven a manual transmission. I love being engaged with the vehicle, having control and being on your toes. Plus, it makes the wrangler experience more fun! For some reason though, I've been having knee pain with the clutch in my 2016 JK. Any adjustments I can make to assist?
  2. 2018 JLUR - DEAD Emergency Brake

    Warranty for sure! If they don't fix've got a lemon on your hands.
  3. New Leather Interior

    Yes! This saddle brown is so much more attractive (and makes sense) vs the current light tan leather that will stain and get dirty. I am also loving the integration of black to help tie it all together...vs just a solid seat. Jeep needs to do this...or integrate the brown/tan into the...
  4. Dash rattle

    Are you driving an auto or manual? I've got a dash rattle on my new JK and it drives me insane. Worse in colder temps. Been to the dealer a few times and have gotten a few different answers but no fixes...
  5. Hard top wind noise

    That would drive me insane. Best of luck finding a fix.
  6. How do you keep everything in cargo area from going all over??

    I bought one of these for my JK...and I love it. I was trying to not junk up the back and keep things from rolling around. I use it every day. It's great to carry stuff to and from your car also.
  7. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    2016 Black JK Sahara. Named her...Betty
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    What did you use for that cargo mat/liner? Did you custom cut it or order? I need something like that! Looks awesome and functional.
  9. Record February sales by Wrangler

    I browsed through the article. Does it specify if these numbers are referring to JL sales? Or JK and JL sales? Or just JK? I'd be curious to know the breakdown...I assume the majority is from JK sales. April 7th or so JK production stops, right?
  10. Tire Covers

    I was trying to track down a JL tire cover post, but wasn't having much luck. I found these on Amazon and Mopar. Thought I'd share! Interesting to see how this hard cover handles the back up camera...
  11. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Congrats! Beautiful! I want this exact build!
  12. Sting Gray - Black Leather or Tan Leather

    I just read this review! I figured this would happen with the light tan leather...but only after a short period? Wow...
  13. Sting Gray - Black Leather or Tan Leather

    I think this tan color is a terrible decision on Jeep's part. It's too light in color with a lux texture. It's going to ware fast and show dirt. It also clashes terribly with the dash design (especially the reds of the Rubicon trim) with no other tan integrated into the interior design. Maybe...
  14. First Look - Ocean Blue JLU

    I like it! Not with red accents though...but the blue is purdy. Granted, I bet I wouldn't like it in person. I lean more towards dark colors on the real deal.
  15. Rainy Test Drive - 1st Impressions

    Is it the same issue the TFL Car guys pointed out in this video? The gutter...pouring water in?

    Why does the Image that leads this post (the red Rubicon) have body color freedom panels and a black hard top? Shouldn't those be black?
  17. Do black fenders color fade with time?

    The JL seems to use a different plastic material? No? I wonder how this will hold up over time. I have a 2016 JKU Sahara. My hood latches have gone first. They look shitty. Door handles and bumpers seem okay-minimal UV damage so far. I wanted black and didn't like the look of faded black...
  18. Black Hard Top vs. Body Color Hard Top

    Same material with painted or black! The new JLU hard tops do appear to be a different composite/plastic material then the JKU though. I was checking out a JLU the other day. At first glance/touch, the panels seem like hard styrofoam. I took off the freedom panels and they are def noticeably...
  19. What improvements do you think we’ll see in the 2019 model?

    I would like to see the return of the Saddle Brown leather with that color incorporated into the dash and doors like they did with the JK (beyond just the seats). And...this is random, but I always thought an automatic locking glove box and center console (that syncs with or without the door...
  20. What is the ONE thing holding you back from ordering?

    I think the tan leather is too light in color. Need to see tan cloth too. Hoping they will release the saddle brown leather again and integrate that color into the dash and doors like the JK. Price pretty steep too and I'm waiting on the diesel...we'll see!