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  1. New Full Length Halo Rack Coming for Jeep Wrangler

    @RebelOffRoad any more info on the full rack for the 4 door JLU?
  2. Highest mileage JL so far?

    72K since taking possession in March of 2018. 3.6 Auto. Early steering issue fixed under warranty. No issues since.
  3. Giveaway & Promo: Hothead Headliner and Sound Assassin For JL / JLU!

    I’d love a set of headliners! Count me in. :like:
  4. No Lift Off-Roading People

    No rubbing to date. Fenders are stock Rubi. Love the setup. Have a Teraflex 1.5” spacer lift waiting, just not sure it’s necessary
  5. Dee Zee rack for Roof Top Tents

    How do accessory mounts work? Are certain brands mounts compatible or are you replacing the hardware with M8 Bolts? Anyone have a set up utilizing some of these mounts that you could post? (Rotopax, MaxTrax, shovel, or even some side or rear lights). Thanks
  6. Ursa Minor?

    Was the awning bracket installed by UM. Does it feel sturdy? I’m guessing there is hardware on the inside for the brackets. Can you take a pic of that?
  7. No Lift Off-Roading People

    No Lift on 35’s. Hidden Falls, TX 9/6/20
  8. Cheap Jeep Hacks! Show 'Em Off Here!

    Getting these. Thought about plastidip but this is much better. Great idea and thanks for sharing!
  9. Ursa Minor?

    Congrats! Will for sure be jealous! What color/window setup did you go with?
  10. Ursa Minor?

    Good for them, but there is plenty of pent up demand with Jeepers. Maybe they are finally ready to scale their production and this will help Jeepers orders get filled quicker. I’d still like to have at least one other option to look at when my time comes. Seems like a gold mine for some company.
  11. Ursa Minor?

    The Cliffride was a part of American Fastbacks which recalled all units sold for safety reasons and then changed their name to Patriot Fastbacks. Don’t think the Cliffride will ever be an...
  12. Ursa Minor?

    Wondering if UM has a patent that others can’t get around. The camper is basically the same as the JK. Was hoping for more of an update. Why isn’t some other company making a replacement top with pop-up tent? Seems like there is plenty of pent up demand as UM struggles to deliver units timely.
  13. Texas 5 - OEM Rubi Wheels - $300 Austin

    Bump (Reduced)
  14. SOLD 5 - OEM Rubi Wheels - $300 Austin

    Bump (Reduced)
  15. Tire comparisons, Owner ratings chart. What's good and what's hype

    After wearing out the stock KO2's, I went with Cooper STT Pro's about a month ago Noise 8 - Pleasantly Surprised Ride 9 - Smooth and Straight; Very Surprised Dry 10 - Grip is insane with these Wet 9 - So far, so good. No Slippage Snow ? - Too Soon for a Rating Trail 10 - Amazing Look 10 - One...
  16. JLU Rubicon - 35 Inch tires with no Lift?

    Icon Rebound 17x8.5 with 315x70x17 Cooper STT Pros