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  1. AEV JL bumpers now available

    Agreed; the lottery idea is really just a slap in the face to me. I have contacted AEV several times over the last 18 months, and not once did I receive a reply. I think their products are great, but their customer service is severely lacking. AEV knows there is an immense amount of anticipation...
  2. AEV JL bumpers now available

    I received an email notification from AEV that their front and rear bumpers are now available for order. After clicking the link, and going through the pricing options, I realized that the front (stubby) bumper would total $1800.00, and the rear bumper would start at $1100.0 (no options) and end...
  3. My Stock Sahara can do this, can Rubicons?

    He said he was working on his Jeep, not preparing to drive it.
  4. Steering Fix TSB 08-074-20 Crowdsourced Dealership Survey. Add Your Experience.

    I am having the parts installed under the TSB as I type. I will update the post after installation; however, these are my initial answers: Mac Haik Jeep/Dodge Temple, TX 8/28 for Mopar lift install and request for service per the TSB. In work. Purchased Jeep from Piedmont Jeep in Anderson, SC...
  5. 2020 AEV JL370 Hella Yella JLUR Delivered

    I read a reply from an AEV rep on their FB page, stating they will be available in September. "They" was not defined (full front, stubby front, rear), but at least it's something.
  6. 2020 AEV JL370 Hella Yella JLUR Delivered

    That truly is a shame. A company that designs and manufactures some wonderful products for the Jeep aftermarket should be a bit more proactive in these matters, for what my opinion is worth. However, my opinion has several thousand dollars in a build budget attached to it, and that should mean...
  7. 2020 AEV JL370 Hella Yella JLUR Delivered

    Has AEV "officially" stated a release date yet (again)? I have been contacting them via email and their company forum, as well as through FB, and have yet to receive a reply. They have been radio silent regarding their bumpers, which were supposed to be released already. I have been patiently...
  8. Giveaway & Sale: Hothead Headliner For JL / JLU!

    I've been looking at these for a while...just in time for this arctic blast!
  9. Giveaway of the Month - August 2019 - Your Choice of a Frame-Built Front Bumper

    How fantastic would Metalcloak's new bumper, #2401, look on my JL?! Rhetorical'd be fantastic! What an incredible first mod it would be as well!
  10. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    What an incredible first mod this lift would be for my JLUR!!
  11. Giveaway of the Month - March 2019 -- JL Wrangler Overland Front Tube Fenders

    It would be FANTASTIC, and really cool, for the first mod on my JLUR to be the Metalcloak fenders! Always good to set the proper tone for the rest of the mods to follow!!
  12. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    These would look great in my JLUR; especially during those Texas summers! I have read nothing but positive reviews for this product, and would be very grateful to win them! Thank you!
  13. Giveaway: Hothead Headliners Hard Top Headliner For Jeep JL!

    These would look fantastic in my 2018 Ocean Blue JLUR! Thank you for the opportunity to participate!