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  1. Utah Led Fog lights

    don't think so.
  2. Idaho Hard Top JLUR Black

    black painted or textured?
  3. New York 4 door subwoofer enclosure

    are you replacing it with the non-sub panel or just leaving it out?
  4. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    non-removable top, but keep the freedom panels non-folding windshield rain sensing wipers (like all? the other jeep models have) 1 touch up windows with switches on the doors. 8" (or larger) head unit WITHOUT the Alpine package. spare under the tail. move the muffler and remove the stow bin...
  5. Into the dealership, again.

    quite the douche comment. you don't know what anyone's price range is.
  6. Stereo volume randomly turning down..::::

    they should. warranty is from Mopar, not the dealer that sold it to you. and mine keeps turning the volume up. go thru a drive-thru, turn it down. pull forward, it turns up. turn it back down. pull forward, it turns up. repeat...
  7. Tazer JL- turn signal cam

    turned it off because it was too annoying actually
  8. Climate 'sync' option - gimme a button, please?

    yeah you have to hunt for the SYNC button but that damned "Press OK for KMs", that you would almost never use, comes up every time you switch back to the speedo. backwards BS...
  9. Removal of Rear Passenger-side Cargo panel

    can you post a pic with it off, especially the sub area?
  10. 😡 2020 JLUR Hardtop Defect (CRACKED @ 1,250 MILES) Jeep Dealer & Jeep Cares Refuses to Warranty it!

    as for calculating the load, Jeep probably doesn't even rate the panels for a load, that's what the rails are for, with the Jeep roof rack. as a former dealer tech, i wouldn't even have looked at the crack. drilled holes? "no warranty on modified parts". period.
  11. F'n FCA. Thanks for selling my phone number.

    i got these calls but it actually was Jeep asking if i was interested in a Mopar extended warranty.
  12. Hood locks

    You need a bigger puller than normal. $20 at Harbor Freight.
  13. TazerJL Feature Requests

    1) 2nd gear start in D and/or M? 2) remove/extend remote start timeout?
  14. Stock HID to moper LED - how do I fix this?

    it's winking at other cars
  15. Sick of tire shine products

    take it back to the dealer and make them clean it up.
  16. Sitting on the overhead speaker bar?

    is that the Black Bear #rolldownamountainside wrangler?
  17. My Bolt Hood Lock with Mesh Flag Grille

    put a grommet in the hole to cover the jagged edge.
  18. Sick of tire shine products

    tires should be clean, not shiny. when i bought my jeep the dealer sent it to the shop to get the floor mats installed while we finished the paperwork. came out to drive away and the tires were all sparkly in the sunlight. i made them wipe it all off. :no:
  19. Hill descent control in the snow

    is that the only place you left a mud trail? :LOL: