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  1. Pennsylvania Steinjager rear trail tube doors

    Price drop - $180
  2. Pennsylvania Steinjager rear trail tube doors

    Bought these from extreme terrain at beginning of 2020 summer ..Only had on a couple times . Asking $200 , King of Prussia PA
  3. Pennsylvania ultra motor sports hunter rims /dueler A/t tires

    Price drop down to $1100 -or best offer
  4. Pennsylvania ultra motor sports hunter rims /dueler A/t tires

    Guess I’ll post a pic of them on Jeep
  5. Pennsylvania ultra motor sports hunter rims /dueler A/t tires

    I have 5 rims and 4 tires . 2957018 Bridgestone Dueler a/t Revo 3 ...2 rims have some scratches.. Asking $1200 .pickup only .. Located In King of Prussia ,PA
  6. Pennsylvania

    Does anyone do anything around the king of Prussia area ? Or is there anything to do anyway near the king of Prussia area?
  7. New TPms sensors not reading

    Ok so another update it’s been 6 months and I learned to live with the tpms light on ...2 days ago a miracle happened and the rear sensors started reading and the light went out ..I’m driving to work today the tpms light starts flashing again , well now the front sensors aren’t reading ...
  8. GPS issues

    Ok so as they told me before I need the radio/gps system replaced ..They ordered it it’ll be under warranty
  9. GPS issues

    ‍♂️ I’m taking mine in tomorrow for the gps issues , not that I actually need it cause of my phone but it’s just nice to have ..they told me on the phone when I set up the appointment that I have to change what state I’m in , in the gps system .isnt that the point of a gps to tell me that...
  10. New TPms sensors not reading

    Ughhh not what I wanted to hear lol..Guess I just wasted my time Sunday installing them in my wheels , I’m not even gonna try to do it again with my OEM sensors . Maybe one day it will miraculously start reading .
  11. New TPms sensors not reading

    Ok so update I just drove my Jeep for about an hour averaging about 40mph..Front tires changed a lot from 35-37psi and the rears still aren’t reading ...But all the sensors read with the scanner ..Is there any kind of scanner I need to hook up to reset the system?
  12. New TPms sensors not reading

    It’s weird cause the other day when I took my stock wheels off and put the aftermarket ones on the dash still read the readings of the stock wheels until maybe after about an hour of driving where the light finally came on and only the rears aren’t reading ..
  13. New TPms sensors not reading

    It’s just that it’s been 2 days usually never takes this long on other cars I replace the sensors ..And of course it’s my Jeep that it doesn’t work .
  14. New TPms sensors not reading

    I finally put tpms sensors we stock at my work in my aftermarket wheels so the light would go off ... Well the fronts are reading 34psi which I have 36 in the tires and the rears don’t read at all....I’ve used our snap-on scanner to read all the sensors and I’ve driven around a lot but still no...
  15. GPS issues

    They are gonna replace the radio /gps and hopefully it will fix it all
  16. GPS issues

    The dealership told me over the phone to bring my Jeep in so they can order me a new radio system for the gps issue before my warranty is up, also I’m starting to have radio issues where all I get is static out of speakers no matter if it’s my iPhone connected or the xm radio..
  17. Speakers Static / Scratchy Noise - All Sources

    Just happened to me this morning static on everything ..anyone solve this ?