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  1. $460 Increase in Invoice/MSRP Pricing on JLUR?

    I've fallen victim to this price hike as well. Still trying to wrap up an order with the dealership.
  2. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    I can imagine it would get very old, very fast in stop and go bumper to bumper traffic on 66 and 495 during rush hour traffic in Northern Virginia and MD. at least it can be turned off and/or disabled completely with the bypass mentioned earlier in the thread.
  3. Do black fenders color fade with time?

    another option is to put line-x on them. would look good IMO and hold up well to weather/off-roading.
  4. Window Tint %

    interesting. although wouldn't you have to have some type of medical need in order to get that prescription? find it hard to believe you can just roll into your local optometrist and say you want to tint your windshield, so give me a prescription doc.
  5. Auxiliary (AUX) Switches Configuration/Installation DIY

    so just like another storage bin?
  6. Buying your JL

    as I have never done a dealer/factory order, can you briefly explain the process? any deposit/down payment needed up front? what paperwork needs to be done, etc.? if you cancel your order once in transit, surely there is some penalty incurred, since the dealer would be left with a customized...
  7. Window Tint %

    just keep in mind the factory glass has some % of tinting added, so any additional tint over that for example 20% tint film, will actually turn out a bit darker at maybe 15% or so. not sure what the factory tint % is on the rear windows. my guess would be 20%.
  8. Dash illumination with proximity and remote out of range - dislike

    This seems like a really odd and pointless feature. Perhaps it can be turned off in the settings?

    How do the Mopar maya compare with Weather Tech mats for quality and durability? I’ve had Weather Tech mats in the past when I had an Xterra and they were worth every penny.
  10. Do black fenders color fade with time?

    You can apply a UV protectant spray that goes on clear. I did this when I restored the headlights on my current car after going over them with sand paper to get rid of the haziness on them. Creates a nice barrier and provides a slight shine as well.
  11. How is the stock sound system?

    I thought the ANC feature was only available if upgrading to the Alpine system, and not a feature on the stock system? could be wrong.
  12. How is the stock sound system?

    from another post yesterday, the Alpine system also includes ANC, which is some type of noise cancellation feature that produces some kind of sound waves to cancel out some interior cabin noise.
  13. Are these dealer options a rip off

    window tint warranty? what a joke! especially on factory tinted windows...the tint is built into the glass, not a film placed over like after market stuff. dealers try everything to make a dollar.
  14. Can’t order?

    maybe they are being overwhelmed by orders and those vehicles being built for general sale at dealerships? perhaps orders are just postponed until further notice. interesting to hear this though as I am in the process of putting together an order.
  15. Active Noise Control (Cancellation) feature comes to Jeep Wrangler JL

    cool feature! definitely overlooked this. as others have said, ANC combined with the headliner for hard tops should definitely help reduce noise.
  16. has anyone here driven one?

    interesting reads. keep them coming!
  17. Sting-Gray JL Wrangler Revealed in Designer Video

    if this is sting gray then its definitely my favorite color on the JL, just hoping it becomes available to be ordered by April.