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  1. How to I update the Uconnect 7" screen?

    I have never been able to find a place to check the version on the Jeep.
  2. Auto start not working - shuts off quickly

    Mine did that when the ESS battery was acting up.
  3. Remote Start Unreliable

    How is it remotely started? Key fob or phone app?
  4. Is blind spot monitoring worthwhile on the 2 door JL?

    I am pleased with mine. I would like to see the markers repeated on the front dash so that I would know about a vehicle without having to turn to look at the mirror. If the turn signal is off then only the light flashes. Otherwise, very pleased.
  5. Cold air from glove box

    Your plan sounds prudent. The plenum is supposed to always have some negative pressure in it. A positive pressure seems only likely if (1) filter too clogged, (2) the two fans (Outside Air Inlet above plenum, Recirculation Air Inlet fan below plenum) are out of whack, as in Outside Air fan is...
  6. Cold air from glove box

    The recirc gate on the plenum: 1. Is fully open when recirc button is on. 2. Is fully closed only when recirc button is off AND fan is at 1, 2 or 3. 3 Is partially (about 25%) open if fan is at or above 4, irrespective of any other setting. It is something you can easily observe with the...
  7. My UConnect / Jeep nightmare

    "The solution to technological problems is not more technology." Jacques Ellul, early 1960's
  8. Trickle Charging Procedure

    If I understand all of this then: Two batteries of differing amp/hr and connected in parallel and not uncoupled should use a charging amp of not greater than the amp/hr of the smaller amp battery. Correct? I've been using a Schumacher electronic charger which auto-magically senses the...
  9. Getting rid of that moth ball smell

    Heat, as in a hot day and not a heater, and UV will expedite the gas decay.
  10. Tire placement question.

    Thanks. What you describe makes sense to me. The owner's manual says, "Proper operation of four-wheel drive vehicles depends on tires of equal size, type and circumference on each wheel. Any difference in tire size can cause damage to the transfer case. Tire rotation schedule should be...
  11. Tire placement question.

    Let's say I have four equally worn tires at about 15k miles each. I go four-wheel drive off hard road for 5 to 7 miles. One tire needs to be replaced by the spare. The spare has very little wear so it is slightly bigger. I have to 4-wheel 5 to 7 miles back to a hard road. Which tire...
  12. Evaporative Emissions Leak MIL..?

    Thanks. Ten thousand miles is a lot of patience.
  13. Evaporative Emissions Leak MIL..?

    I have this problem now. How did you reset it?
  14. Uconnect 8.4 and android auto

    I had this issue repeatedly well over a year ago. I attribute it to Android updates and a suspected indifference by Samsung to coordinate with UConnect. My solution was to get a Garmin for maps and remain with SiriusXM for music. I also was uncomfortable with repeatedly plugging and...
  15. Getting rid of that moth ball smell

    Go to a pet store and get a product used to remove pet urine odor. It might take a few attempts but it can be done. Moth balls turn to gas and that is why they permeate everything.
  16. Trickle Charging Procedure

    Disconnected only during the connection to the trickle charger. All is reconnected as normal. No anomalies encountered upon reconnection.
  17. Trickle Charging Procedure

    I fully disconnected the neg cable on the Main leaving its negative post unconnected to anything in the car. Thanks.
  18. Trickle Charging Procedure

    Well. I charged both batteries to 100% and the ESS Battery Charging message persisted. So, I have no clue how the ESS thinks, which is why I don't own a cat. If I drive for about 30 min at 45+ mph I can clear the message but it is a mystery.
  19. Trickle Charging Procedure

    Perfect! Thank you.
  20. Trickle Charging Procedure

    Thanks for the explanation. Is there a way to charge just the Aux battery? If I place the pos charger cable on the main battery pos, disconnect the main battery neg cable, and connect the neg charger cable to that disconnected neg cable, would that send charge only to the Aux? Thanks.