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  1. An ode to Jeep Cares

    When I contacted Jeep Cares about the steering box issue, they responded by contacting the dealer, arranging delivery of the correct part and the install. It all went to plan and I was without my Jeep for one day. No complaints here.
  2. 3.0 Diesel Poll

    Push the button, it starts. Push it again after getting to destination, it stops. 8k so far with no issues.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Bought one of those 400.00 knockoff steel bumpers off Amazon and installed. Surprised at the quality. Came with fog lights, winch plate, and bull bar. Bought another one for the wife's too.
  4. Why are MOPAR stuff SO Expensive????

    Ken's just a cheap skate.... :angel:
  5. Why are MOPAR stuff SO Expensive????

    So does this forum! :headbang:
  6. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    Maybe a breather tube came off? They still have those, right?
  7. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Back in June, right from the showroom to Birds of Prey Canyon. 150 miles on the clock. Last one on the Oregon shore.
  8. Unsure if 4WD is working.

    If the damage was caused by water intrusion, I would think it would have made a hell of a noise for a while before it stripped the splines in a spider gear (assuming). Something doesn't sound right here.
  9. How often is your diesel regenerating?

    Unless you have something like a Scangauge, there's no indication on the dash.
  10. MPG and Range on the Ecodiesel

    When I first got mine we were out in Idaho. Long runs to sightsee (and a lot of off road) were common and I was averaging around 27-28. Back home (now with an extra 300 lbs of rock rails, bumpers and winch) and taking mostly short hops, I'm down to around 22-23. Might also be due to the...
  11. Turbo Temperatures (for those monitoring)

    I usually wait till the low 400's like 430 before shutting down.
  12. JL Fender Gap Collects Debris

    I just received the hollow tubing but am returning it for the solid. Thanks for the link!
  13. Stupid Question of the day

    All good points. I'm just a cheap a$$ sometimes. 5 / 35s it is. 🤑
  14. Stupid Question of the day

    OK, don't kill me, just a thought. My Rubi came with 33" MT tires. I'm going with 35's when I replace these, but was thinking of keeping the 33 spare to negate having to buy 5 tires and keep the weight off the tailgate. I realize with LSD, if I had to change the tire out, it would be working...
  15. Suggestions: Creaking roof/additional weather stripping for doors

    Mine started to sound like the hardtop was shifting around while driving on smooth roads at slow speeds around corners. Like a rubber seal shifting around. Checked the bolts and of course they were tight. Ended up cleaning the tailgate rubber seals and applying 303. Noise gone.
  16. Noticing a little something in my 15 day old JL

    Like my wife says when I hear a noise... "Turn up the music"
  17. 100 mile review

    Agreed! I think Quadratec has one now that is easier to install.