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  1. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    No, it's not a problem with part-time 4WD. I usually take my foot off the gas first (and put the clutch in , if equipped). Also, the transfer case engages and disangages 4WD upon torque reversal. So you may have to accelerate and decelerate a time or two before it's functioning.
  2. thud noise when engaging parking brake

    They don't fix it, they replace it. And then the replacement ends up doing the same thing after a year or so. Replaced two of them on my JK (and the 3rd did it too), and now my JL is doing it. So I'm 0 for 4 on having a reliable parking brake.
  3. China has controlling interest

    This thread is in the toilet. Move it to one of the other forums. [Edit: Oh, nevermind. Just happened while I was reading it. :facepalm:]
  4. Get your Roxor now. Found to infringe on Jeep design

    THIS! Now, we (or actually a bunch of lawyers) can and will argue about the terms and reach of the licensing agreement, but any discussion of how similar it looks is just ignorant of the existence of the licensing agreement. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LOOK THE SAME.
  5. Good floor mats for 2018 Wrangler Sahara?

    I love the Mopar floor mats. Not as high profile as the Weathertechs and I like that. For the back I didn't go for full wetness protection. Got the Canvasback mat instead. Happy with it.
  6. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    Sorry, I meant ESC - electronic stability control.
  7. Gotta love Selec-Trac!

    :fist bump: Except you actually have to make one little extra effort to do that: you have to turn ESS off. Damn computers.
  8. Canned Cranberry Sauce vs Homemade

    Homemade. It's easy to make too. Bag of cranberries, water, sugar to taste. If you're complaining about that much, you might as well get your Jeep with heated seats. Wait, uh ....
  9. Is the Stock Windshield that weak?

    I replaced three of them on my JK. None so far with the JL. (knocking on wood right now) It's the angle of attack to airborne debris that's at fault, not the windshield weakness.
  10. No wonder FCA won't fix our loose steering.. they've been busy corrupting the UAW

    Let's not take GM's version of this for gospel, for at least two reasons: the latest convict is a GM exec (he'll plead Dec 4th), and Marchionne isn't here to defend himself.
  11. Jeep clock randomly rolled forward an hour tonight...

    Maybe you all transported yourselves to Argentina for the day, where you'd be springing forward about now. There was, after all, a Star Trek sighting in this thread.
  12. Adding seat warmers?

    They're a bitch and a half to install on your own. On my JKU I had to remove the seats (those floorboard bolts are over-torqued) and remove and install the hog rings that hold the seat covers on. Took a day, a ruined 1/2" ratchet and a lot of swearing to do. Let someone else do it. All said...
  13. Road crown sensitivity

    What's your tire pressure? The harder your tires are the more they'll follow the slant of the road. I like mine at 33, but in the fall ilke now I keep getting a dash warning every time the temp lowers and the tires fall to 30.
  14. Got the V41 recall work done

    Got the V41 done today just cuz I had the time. I've had my JLU for 17 months and only occasionally felt a wobble. (Nothing like a real death wobble which I experienced a few times in my JKU.) I only went a few short miles after the change, but it felt a little tighter. I've never had the...
  15. Hand brake slips a notch, clanks at end of pull

    I don't think I'm pulling up on the hand brake very hard, but it reaches the end of the pull and I hear something clank under the floor. Sometimes the lever raises up another 1/2 inch without resistance before catching again. This is not the first time I've had issues with a Wrangler hand...
  16. Severe bucking at low rpm, 1st gear, uphill (manual trans)?

    I notice this too going up my driveway at idle. Reengaging the clutch with a little throttle and it's back to normal. This also happened with my JKU, though less often. Steeper first gear.
  17. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    No, but double curves in steel are hard to bend, much harder a one-axis curve like the hood sides or the rear corners, which themselves are harder to bend than planar surfaces.
  18. Faulty floor drain plugs.

    I thought of that too, but that little steel tube shape is a really strong shape engineering wise. I s'pose hitting a big rock (or fish) at speed could bend it ...