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  1. Sun Visor Fix

    I ended up using the 1/4” split collars. I recommend these so that you don’t need to pull out any wires, you can just clamp them on with the wire still attached. Here is the link for the collars
  2. Sun Visor Fix

    that’s what I’m thinking as well, I ordered a 5/16 and 1/4 set. I will report back which one works best.
  3. Sun Visor Fix
  4. Sun Visor Fix

    will this work? its 5/16" bore size
  5. Drivers Door Won't Lock

    All of my power locks went out as well. Recently I've changed my halogen head lights and fender lights to LED. My locks were fine after the install, but now they will not lock via remote or door switch. Not sure what's going on...

    I'm having a hard time adjusting my driver side headlight. It still aims really high and I am turning the adjustment bolt counter clockwise to the point where the bolt is just spinning and but the headlight won't aim down any further. Anybody got any ideas?

    I'm getting a high pitch noise/whine after installing the headlights. Anybody have any idea whAt it is?

    I'm having trouble with the bcm connectors as well. I got the orange wire to snap in but the blue one wont.
  9. How Can We Help?

    Pm sent about order status
  10. NorCal Marketplace

    I have a stock Rubicon plastic bumper with fog lights available. Located in San Jose. 250 or best offer.
  11. Tailgate Bumpstops?

    Used the chair tip and PVC disposal pipe for my wheels. Worked perfectly. My wheels are -10 offset 17x8.5
  12. Tazer JL Lite - $219 - Terrific New Product Offering!

    Thanks Joe, that did the trick.
  13. Tazer JL Lite - $219 - Terrific New Product Offering!

    I've had the lite installed for a few weeks now. Battery seems to be fine, however, my TPMS page has gone missing. Anybody have the same issue?
  14. Aftermarket Fender Flares for JL Wrangler?

    Love the metalcloaks. Waiting for their aluminum version to come out. They are saying mid 2019 for production though
  15. Maupar's Build Journal

    You are going to love them, they look even better with the black powder coated faux beadlock bolts if you are thinking about going the same route as I did
  16. Maupar's Build Journal

    Hello everyone, here is the start of my build thread. 2018 JLU Rubicon in Sting Gray. Mod list: Green Lane Off-road aluminum rock sliders/steps Stealth Custom Series K5 17x8.5 -10 offset BFG KO2 C rated 315/70/17 Quadratec door sill guards Mopar locking gas cap Tazer JL lite
  17. NorCal Marketplace

    I have JLU rubicon sliders and rubicon wheel/ tires (No TPMS) w/ 1000 miles on available. located in san jose.
  18. Who loves their soft top?

    No complaints about my soft top. So much easier to put the top down/up. Only thing I'm worried about is scratching up the plastic windows.
  19. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Just installed some Green Lane Off-road aluminum sliders on my JLU. Lighter than stock rubicon rails and uses stock mounting locations. Very good quality. No drilling required. I understand these might not hold up well for extreme off roading since they don't mount to the frame, but they serve...