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  1. No sound from speakers

    If you call your dealership they just change out your radio. I’m on my second news radio. May seem like a pain but until more people complain I’m not sure we will get this fixed.
  2. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    HEY... I thought I was alone in this. I have a 2019 MOAB and its doing this. I have found that it seems to be coming from the passenger seat. When my wife rode with me she said she felt it in the seat. So I had her drive and then over bumps and around turns the metallic sound would happen. I...
  3. No sound from speakers

    So Jeep's answer was completed this week. They replaced my head unit. I got it back Tuesday and while the sound issue hasn't happened yet, today I noticed I do not have a backup camera lol I will be reaching out to them after my meetings.
  4. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Took the granddaughter to the park yesterday. Nice late spring days!
  5. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    We have found we have a Red car issue but I don't think that will end anytime soon.
  6. It’s MOAB Monday!

    It does make that little change and they are not that much for a full set of 23.
  7. It’s MOAB Monday!

    Time to get this thread re-going. I found that one thing that bugged me was all black everything except lug nuts so I changed that. Nothing schmacy just what needed to be done. Look forward to seeing your MOABs this summer!
  8. No sound from speakers

    I have gone to my dealership for this issue, twice. Each time there is a radio update that is done thinking this will solve the issue and it does not. The last time however I think it did make my stereo sound way better. However it does not fix the issue when no sound comes out. When the issue...
  9. No sound from speakers

    Holy crap. It was the change to AM that did it for me. Thanks for this tip.
  10. It’s MOAB Monday!

    Drove up to Skyline Drive in VA this weekend. Then Monday on the way to work I hit 12345 on the odometer.
  11. It’s MOAB Monday!

    Just read this thread... It seems like everyone has the same question I have. Where are the other MOABs? I kept seeing one here and there and it ends up they are on the other side of my development however I have yet to see another red one outside of this forum. I hope everyone has a great...
  12. Got the V41 recall work done

    I have my work set for Saturday. Having only been in the Jeep a week I hope it fixes any of the issues I've noticed. I have had many Jeeps before so I was expecting a unique drive but this seems to be pretty loose. Let's see what happens.
  13. Got the V41 recall work done

    Just picked up my 19 Unlimited MOAB on Thursday and found the recall online tonight. I will have my dealer look into it tomorrow and see what is going on. I asked about recalls and was told I didn't have one.
  14. Anyone planning to buy JL off the lot instead of custom order?

    I think we may all be in different situations to really determain that. I know I’ll search out my options and then search dealers, if i don’t find what I want then I’ll order. This is a long term buy for me so I want it to be exactly what I want. I can say that luckily in the DC metro area...