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  1. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    My Rubicon is a 2019 with the etorque it has the big 48 volt battery under the body and no little battery under the main one.
  2. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    Yes correct only one battery in the 2.0. I have the Genesis kit in my 2.0 and it works fine.
  3. Issues getting 4-digit unlock code from dealership

    I had my 8.4 radio in hand and my dealer looked it up and printed the code for me. 'In and out in 10 minutes.
  4. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    On the ap4-ch41 there is a little jumper that has to be connected that allows the factory connection to the factory amps to act as normal. The ap4-ch41 just taps in to the signal from the factory head unit without having to cut any wires-plug and play.
  5. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I use the toslink from my Stinger heigh10 to JL Audio amps. The soundbar speakers are still powered by the factory amp, while the front stage is powered by the VXI amps. The fader control still controls the sound bar spearers. It was the same when I was using the factory head unit with the...
  6. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    I don't know whether it was just blind luck or what, but everything works perfectly. I was as careful as i could be but once the radio is pushed in just a little way you can't see or manipulate the wiring as you push it in to seat it.
  7. What head units have you guys upgraded to?

    I have installed the heigh10 in my 2019 JLUR Rubicon with the Alpine system. I have to heartily second the lack of room behind the unit I spent one whole afternoon putting the unit partially in, causing a lot, pulling it out and trying again. I, too, finally removed all the pigtails that I...
  8. Over heating without a code JL 2020

    I had an overheating problem coming back from hunting (2019 JLUR 2.0). The temp gauge turned red. Pulled over and turned off the engine and waited for the engine cooled off. When I started out again I was only able to go about 40 yard before the temp gauge went red again. Thank goodness for...
  9. Is Quadratec still in business?

    Unfortunately, I was referring to my experience with Quadratec.
  10. Is Quadratec still in business?

    When they say "in stock" and it really isn't--that is a lie--enough said about their integrity.
  11. Upgrading the stock 8.4" keeping the head unit

    no, there is a little jumper that needs to be connected to keep the factory amp getting signal. it still works. Replaced my front speakers and ran new speaker wire for them from my jl amp. still using the factory amp for my roll bar speakers.
  12. Upgrading the stock 8.4" keeping the head unit

    yes, pac-audio makes an interface (AP4 CH4, 1 I think that is the number) that plugs in between the factory radio and the factory harness that allows you to plug in RCA's or even fiber optic to your amp. It doesn't require cutting of any stock wires.
  13. Genesis Off-Road Dual Battery Kit

    It has been great so far. No issues at all, I have my stereo system and winch connected to the secondary battery. I am using the Odyssey AGM batteries that Genesis recommended.
  14. Uconnect radio issue

    I had the same issue and also waited 10 weeks for a warranty replacement(it was yesterday also). After installing the new radio there was still no sound. The tech diagnosed it wes a bad amplifier and it would be 8-10 days to get a replacement. I drove away and noticed the temperature display...
  15. How many miles on your 2.0t?

    16k, been great except 8.4 radio failure, 7 weeks and still waiting for warranty replacement
  16. Blind spot monster

    My problem was that a pin in the passenger door plug was bent. I had the doors off and and when I plugged the door harness back in a pin got bent and caused a short. Straightened the pin and the problem was solved. I thought I was careful when I reconnected the plug, apparently not careful...
  17. Blind spot monster

    Checked both sides and they are clean. Left side is on all the time and right is non responsive to anything in the blind spot. Appointment at the dealer Tuesday they said they had to tear apart the dash to look for a short--YIKES
  18. Blind spot monster

    The blind spot moniter warning light on the driver side mirror stays lit. Any thoughts?
  19. No sound from speakers

    My radio stopped making sound, everything else seems to work nav, display, etc. I tried all the "fixes," AM, disconnect batteries and alas nothing helped. I took to the dealer and they said the radio was bad and they ordered a replacement. The original date it was supposed to be here has come...
  20. Oregon No sound after Apple car play disconnect

    took to dealer today, radio is bad they ordered a new one. I asked the service advisor is this common, she said we've replaced about 100!