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  1. Heater either on or off

    I can't believe that my TJ (with almost 200,000 miles on it) has a better temperature control system than my JL. Once again, I LOVE my JL, but I think that more technology is not always a good thing when it pertains to certain areas. Other than the temp control in my JL, I have absolutely no...
  2. Heater either on or off

    I have the same issue. I have tried to set the temperature manually and have used auto. There seems to be no middle ground. I have had it at the dealership to address this issue and they told me it was fixed. This obviously is not the case. about 72 to 74 degrees seems to be the point where...
  3. Longer shocks than needed.

    I have a teraflex 1.5 spacer lift on my JLUR. I am wondering what would happen if i installed the 2.5-3 inch lift falcon shocks rather than the 0-1.5 inch falcon shocks on my jeep. The purpose for this is that down the line, I would like to lift the jeep more once I decide on the brand that I...
  4. Tazer JL - more than just a tire size programmer!

    I have a rubicon with 35's. Does this help with the shift points on the automatic? I know you can change the tire size with the programmer, I am just wondering if you change the tire size, it would somehow affect the way the computer recognizes the shift points and changes them in a positive way...
  5. James JL

    James JL

  6. Gas mileage so far

    Now that I have about 6600 miles on the rubicon I am getting about 20 MPG. I am very pleased with that, especially living in a hilly area.
  7. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    The bracket is needed to clip in the trench cover. I ordered the trench cover not knowing that you needed the metal bracket as well. The metal bracket cost about 25 dollars from the dealership. All you have to do is remove the 3 bolts behind the seat, bolt up the bracket and then clip in the...
  8. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    the same carpet that is in the cargo area is on the back of the seats.
  9. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    Your best bet is to get this. I have it and I love it.
  10. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    No, the cup holders are part of the leather seats, You will have the trench cover and the bracket. I also did a search and if you want the mats that go in the back as well, there is a cheaper option to order the whole kit. Wish I have seen this before I ordered. I have the dirty dog cargo...
  11. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    Ok, just got the trench cover for my JL. This does not come with the bracket needed to install the trench cover!!!! I will post the part number later this evening needed along with the trench cover part number. I ordered from the dealership and the trench cover cost about 180 and the bracket...
  12. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    I was able to cancel my order of the cargo mat and ordered the dirty dog cargo liner that just became available through quadratec.
  13. In need of Cargo mats for my new JL Rubicon

    Just ordered the Dirty Dog cargo liner for mine, should be here Tuesday. I will post pics when it is installed.
  14. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    I ordered the rear cargo mat for my JLUR with cloth seats. After I ordered it, I happened to look in the rear cargo area and it never occurred to me that the cloth seats do not come with the trench cover but the leather seats have the trench cover. Yes, it is my fault for never bothering to...
  15. Gas mileage so far

    Just completed a road trip that was 500 miles. All highway and the outcome was 18.2 miles per gallon. I left with almost 500 miles on the speedometer and now I am over 1000 with only 2 weeks of owning it.
  16. Cloth Seat Photos?

    Thank you for the pictures as I ordered mine with cloth seats before I saw what they would look like. I was kind of worried until I saw yours. Very happy with my decision!
  17. What JL/JLU Wrangler Have You Ordered? Post and Vote Your Configuration Here!

    Called the dealer today and said I had an estimated ship date of 2/8. How accurate are the ship dates. I am looking forward to it but it seems kind of fast judging by everyone else's posts.
  18. Jimmylats JL

    James Willys

  19. How long for a custom order?

    I just ordered my jeep on Saturday. Dealer told me anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Im thinking more along the line of 8 weeks so I do not get my hopes up. They had a fully loaded rubicon come in so I was able to test drive it, find out what I really wanted and what I could do without. They do...