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  1. STOP ORDER on all Manual Jeeps [Update: software flash fix arrives in March]

    I’m very happy with my 8SP auto, right up until the warranty expires. Though I imagine the radio would die first.
  2. Wrong Steering Gear Installed for TSB 08-074-20

    Well buddy Playing lawyer on the internet rarely turns out well. The 1A doesn’t say what many thinks it does.
  3. JLU RPM and 8 speed shifting issues?

    Step one find a new dealer, that’s ridiculous advice, flat ground steady speed of 60 is way less than 2k. If you push shifter to the left what gear does it say your in on cluster? With Shifter locked to left side you can manually up/downshift.
  4. Coast 2 Coast 5,147 mile JLUR Trip

    When I saw the title Coast2Coast I assumed there would be aliens, tunnels, and Bigfoot encounters 👍
  5. Would you trade JL for JT?

    Every time I drive in urban traffic I’m happy with my JL, my F350 is when needed or just because only. Both are the right tools for the job.
  6. Sold Jeep to Carvana today

    Odd, that’s the first I thought after reading your post, and a few others. Getting triggered because someone sells their Jeep. Go sit in yours and feel better :LOL:
  7. Wrangler died while driving!

    Act that way? "I'd also bet that FCA would prefer just like you, things would just remain the same as always". That is a girly slap plus I never said anything like that.
  8. Wrangler died while driving!

    Or NOT :like: I like the girly slap though Lol
  9. What music do you jam to when you are in your Jeep?

    SiriusXM added Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Channel #56. Sadly they dropped the top 1000 songs channels and RoadTrip.
  10. Wrangler died while driving!

    Incredible Bronco:LOL: New unreleased model entering beta testing, little early to be gushing.
  11. Wrangler died while driving!

    First step is to file a safety complaint with NHTSA you can also see complaints filed.
  12. Wow Moab trails may soon be taken over by oil companies

    Business boycotting is so retarded over a single issue that triggers you or someone else. Plenty of brain dead selfish vacationers flood in, spend a few bucks then leave. The off trail damage, graffiti, and trash left stays. I usually fill at least one trash bag every time I drive anywhere In...
  13. Just got road raged by a Karen

    Ha, now that’s a humble brag, ok maybe not so humble.
  14. Jeep Almost Got My Family Killed (Battery Issues)

    Yeah, it's all techy stuff like steering box ratios, caster sittings, etc. It has a steering wheel must be the same right? :CWL:
  15. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Got mine back today from body shop. Took 3 days, paint match is perfect, I am impressed with the painters skill. Jeep was parked in late afternoon sun and no shade changes when changing angles, fisheye, or orange peel. They told me like the Terminator I'll be back for the other side , then...
  16. Jeep Almost Got My Family Killed (Battery Issues)

    If they left a wire on the loose side or a plug not seated, doubt they will tell you. Thats too much of a coincidence, worked on the system recently now a failure.
  17. Jeep Almost Got My Family Killed (Battery Issues)

    Yeah jump right in, be a beta tester :LOL:
  18. What music do you jam to when you are in your Jeep?

    Every speeding ticket I have ever received on my motorcycles or cars have always been caused by poor playlist selection and lack of sell control. Got a few laughs from the officers when I said that in response to do you know why I pulled you over.
  19. Sliced 2 BFG KO2s 10 minutes apart on Arkansas trails

    $ if people insist on taking on razor edge boulders a Fred Flintstone tire is a better choice.
  20. ESS battery dead

    Missed the point by that much