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  1. Wrangler 4XE Pricing

    oh man I didn't even factor the tax credit into it
  2. Is this a decent deal on a Rubicon?

    Did you try darcars (edit: or is it Criswell) in Rockville, MD? I think they deal pretty good too on orders.
  3. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    Ordered & VON 11/16 VIN 11/17 Stated delivered 12/16 On the ground at Dealership 12/22 Ready for pickup 12/23
  4. FYI Jeep Chat is not accurate with Delivery ETA

    You mean like how you are bashing me? Take a breath. I'm not bashing anyone. This forum section is on ordering jeeps, and just an FYI that Jeep Chat delivery times aren't accurate. If you look around, those of us who order post the time lines between order, build, transit, etc. See one of...
  5. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Ordered 11/16 VIN 11/17 Build 12/7 In Transit 12/11 Jeep Chat said delivered 12/16 Dealer said on the ground 12/22
  6. FYI Jeep Chat is not accurate with Delivery ETA

    Just got word the Jeep is physically at the Dealership. Of course with the sales guy's schedule and mine, I can't pick it up until the 9th.
  7. Interest Rates on New Builds

    waiting on my jeep to come in BoA quoted me for 36/48/60 months 1.89/1.84/1.89. still showing 0%/36 month for rubicon so I might do that. Since it was a factory order and I have the out the door price, there were no contingencies on me using their financing to get that price.
  8. FYI Jeep Chat is not accurate with Delivery ETA

    At least in my case. So last Wednesday I checked in with them, and they said the ETA was 12/16 (that day). The next day I reach out to the dealer. They don't have it yet, with their eta 12/21-1/2. I checked just now, 12/21 and JC said "Your 2021 Jeep wrangler has been delivered to the...
  9. 2021 JLU-D Fuel additives and treatments

    Hey Hazards, I'm over in Freeland. Waiting on my green diesel to show up.
  10. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    So I emailed my sales guy this morning, * he was off yesterday so I didn't want to bug him. He just called. Said it's not in yet, he said when orders show up, the keys and paperwork get put on his desk. He also mentioned that lately Jeep Chat has been off vs what his tracking says. he said it...
  11. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    My sales guy is out today, so I harassed Jeep Chat. Monday he said ETA was 12/21-1/2. Today Jeep Chat said ETA 12/16 Today! So hopefully tomorrow I'll find out if it's there. I have my flight already booked for Saturday morning, but if it's not in, Delta has waived change fees. But this way I...
  12. Leasing - help needed

    Taxes, tags and doc fee (for if wanting to compare financing option)
  13. Leasing - help needed

    for my 2021 eco diesel rubicon, edmunds says Standard MF 67%/62% residual for 24/36 mo, 15K/yr I'm debating leasing since the diesel is new, i love and could keep my 2014 JKUR also for camping/overlanding/off-roading , and the Bronco would be out for a good amount of time by the time my lease...
  14. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Do you know what date it was available to ship? Mine moved out of body vendor last week and was available to ship. but now eta is 12/21 to 1/2
  15. Too early to get a good deal on a leftover 2020?

    yes end of year deals. 1 sale could put the sales guy over the line for a bump in commissions. dealership wants to get it off the lot so they don't pay inventory tax
  16. 2020 Wrangler Engine Catches Fire, Vehicle Burns

    Ever see the video of Casey "Coyote Works" jeep fire?
  17. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Just hit refresh and got my window sticker! Ordered 11/16 VIN 11/17 Build 12/7 JB Ship to body vendor Jeep chat said it's in shipping 12/10 11am Sticker 12/10 12:25pm
  18. Help me spec my potential 2020 Jeep please!

    Check the ordering section. I got 8% below invoice on factory order. You can find dealers from 5-8% below invoice. You'd be ordering a 2021 though.
  19. Just got my build info and found a mistake

    Luck is on my side, just found a brand new tan soft top for sale local, so I put a deposit down on that one.