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  1. Jeep Wave Question

    The Wave Program is tied to the VIN and nothing else. I myself have used it at multiple dealerships without issue. Here’s a good reference:
  2. New York Teraflex Alpine Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms

    Shipping is about $60 all the way there. I’m willing to shop if you pay for it.
  3. How much pitch & roll is too much?

    Pitch, roll, but no mention of yaw anywhere? How do you make minor adjustments?? Jk... I’m surprised no one has geeked out and built a database for certain lifts, tire size, ect. I’m sure there is a physics/ math wiz on here that has a formula given “X” amount of weight, at certain ride height...
  4. New York Teraflex Alpine Front Adjustable Lower Control Arms

    @OBJLU send me your address and I’ll give you an answer.
  5. jeep wave program

    There are quite a few benefits. Some more practical than others, but you never know. A quick google led me to this:
  6. How to fix scuff on steel bumper

    No idea if it will work on steel, but I have a buddy that swears magic erasers takes surface scratches out of anything.
  7. Where and how to store soft top windows?

    I second @AMG and @OldGuyNewJeep. I purchased the Mopar one at the advice of some members on here. I couldn’t be happier.
  8. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    Let me clarify... My father drives the R8. I also appreciate the fact you’ve taken on the responsibility to patrol the forum for imposters, it must be wonderful to have that much free time. For the record, the R8 is alright, but the JL still the better vehicle. At least I think so :giggle:
  9. Is there a master list of things that void your warranty?

    Doesn’t have to be donuts, just anything. It won’t work for everyone, but it has served me well. On my recent JL it has save me about $1,400 to include some “freebies” that were given to me. Hopefully it won’t be an issue with your Jeep.
  10. Rubicon vs Moab

    I love this Moab Rubicon debate. It’s provided tons of reading material, and nothing make me happier than seeing people get worked over nothing. I wonder what goes through the head of a Rubi fanatic if an H1, or HMMWV pulls up next to them at a traffic light? What if it’s painted OD Green, and...
  11. Is there a master list of things that void your warranty?

    Assuming your servicing dealership is going to be the same one you purchased your Jeep through, and you’re not moving anytime soon, I’d recommend the below. It’s worked well for me in the past. No one cares about a warranty being voided until there is a problem. Car buying/ repairing is a...
  12. What would you do if your JL was a lemon?

    Know your states “Lemon Laws” and make sure all of the issues are well documented. There are plenty of cases on here where the buy back process has been smooth (notice I didn’t say quick or easy), if you have all of your facts straight, and you fall under the states definition of a “Lemon”. The...
  13. List of Off-Road Places / Mid-Atlantic

    @LLANERO A lot of people rave about Rausch Creek in Pine Grove, PA. I’ve never been, but website seems legit, and it’s well known amongst the real Jeepers.
  14. Will 35’s fit on stock tire carrier

    My 35x12.5 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZs fit just fine. I adjusted the tire carrier up as previously mentioned.
  15. What did you PARK NEXT to in your Jeep today?

    The old man always has to one up me. He was pretty nervous when I backed out though...