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  1. Pennsylvania Bought at both Koons and Criswell - My experiences

    Sorry can't help. I didn't trade anything in in either case. I do have something to add though since that last comment - both dealerships have been a massive failure on the back end. Four weeks after we came home with the Jeep I got an email from Criswell telling me that they were sending ME...
  2. Let the dealer fix it,hahahahahahah

    I'm new to FCA...bought an SRT Challenger and Wrangler at the end of last year because both me and my wife wanted to buy COOL vehicles we are excited about, instead of just more SMART vehicles that get good gas mileage and don't give us trouble. We know we're in for more frustration but so far...
  3. LED DRL install for JLU Sahara 2019

    Yeah I did mine without removing the fenders. Both ways are a major PITA, so I chose the one that should result in less broken clips needing to be replaced.
  4. Mopar Max Care Warranty - worth it?

    I was offered the same warranty, at the same dealer, possibly even by the same "financing lady" for $850. I also turned it down. I may add the warranty after all but I had zero confidence at the time that my wife would be as happy with the Wrangler as she swore she would be.
  5. Oracle Oculus Bi-Led foggy lenses

    Ok let me clear up some misconceptions about headlamp fog. This is not specific to Oracle's products...just headlights in general. There is air space in any headlamp, it is not a vacuum. That air is subject to humidity exactly like the outside air, except it's trapped inside the headlight...
  6. Jeep is Gone

    No. Vehicles maybe, but not makers. There is no longer a reliable metric with which to judge automakers level of quality. It used to be JD's initial quality index but even on in that study the spread between automakers is so tight it's nearly inconsequential these days. The only place where...
  7. Jeep is Gone

    Similar to my Tahoe...but, like my Tahoe, which is a 2010 that was designed in 2006, that Frontier of yours was a 2012 designed in the 90's. No infotainment, no driver warning systems, no electrically assisted anything...etc. So not really a comparison to a current new vehicle.
  8. Wiring halos to side markers?

    And do you have two different brightness's on the DRLs? They should dim when you turn on the parking lights. If so, then there is more going on than just a bridge of the DRL and parking wires.
  9. 80th Anniversary Edition and standard options vs Sahara

    I can confirm that the soft top on the 80th is the standard soft top. I was confused by the build page also, it looks like you cannot order the premium soft top from the factory. I imagine if you talk to the dealer, they can probably make it happen.
  10. Wiring halos to side markers?

    I'm not totally clear on what their solution is that's why I asked. But if they are effectively bridging the white/green and white/brown wires, even if it's in their harness, that's going to cause the DRLs to be on full bright at night (they are supposed to dim at night) and also cause your...
  11. Katzkin, PRP, or other seat covers?

    Katzkin is replacement leather, not a cover. It is absolutely the best choice, but it's also the most expensive and not intended for a user-install. It can be done but you'd better understand what you are getting into. I'm very experienced with leather upholstery and I found the Wrangler to...
  12. Wiring halos to side markers?

    So you're saying they told you to bridge the green/white and brown/white wires together and connect the halo wire to that? If so, that's going to mess up your DRLs.
  13. The appreciation of Beauty Thread

    You're better off. If you did get that option, you'd have a lot more than just one monthly bill. That's by far the most expensive Wrangler option there is.
  14. Oracle Oculus Bi-Led foggy lenses

    Yeah it will go away with time. I avoided this by acclimating my set - as soon as I got them I pulled them out of the box and let them sit in open air, in my house, for four days. I never saw any fog.
  15. Wiring halos to side markers?

    It's not just your opinion, it IS the easier way to do it. However you then have a wire running into your fuse box, which not only looks bad but is also a dead-giveaway to a dealer looking to dump the blame for some electrical issue on you. You also then have the halos on whenever your...
  16. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    I am not surprised you would think so.
  17. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    Look up in the sky, way up there above your head - see that tiny little dot way up there? That's my point. Sailing quietly over your head.
  18. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    LOL no. Cabin filters are a luxury item. Claiming that not changing them is "neglect" is akin to claiming that not upgrading your iPhone 11 to the new iPhone 12 is neglect. If you can't see the irony in charging through the dirt, rocks, and creeks all day with the windows down and top open...
  19. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    I agree, which is why I didn't make that claim.
  20. 20k recommended cabin filter change, no way!

    LOL right - it's not even an argument. Just pointing out reality. Arguing about the facts doesn't change them.