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  1. No wonder FCA won't fix our loose steering.. they've been busy corrupting the UAW

    I would prefer to hear from those not so mentally lazy or lacking in cognitive ability and independence that they vote a union to speak for them. We all know union leaderships are corrupt, non-union and union alike know it, many union members think the union is corrupt for their benefit and...
  2. Question for folks with Rock Rails.

    Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform (short) with Maximus 3 install brackets.
  3. Question for folks with Rock Rails.

    I installed LOD Destroyer Series rock rail/step up. I often hear gravel stones hitting underneath so imagine they are catching them before doors.
  4. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    That is what I like to see.
  5. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    My build so far, nothing extreme. Mopar 2" lift with 35" KO2s Warn Zeon 10S in factory steel bumpers Mopar Winch protector bar Diode Dynamics rear hinge attach LED light bar Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform on Maximus-3 support Maxtrax attached Pelican case attached. Trailpax rack for Rotopax...
  6. Trail Hunter

    Nice build, my build also has Mopar 2" lift (think a bit more than 2"). I kept same wheels, but went to KO2 35" tires. I stayed with Mopar metal bumpers, spare reinforcement and no problem fitting. Added the shorter Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform up top. Wren Zeon 10S. Diode Dynamics rear LED...
  7. Question. ZAutomotive unresponsive

    Ordered directly from zautomotive, charged account immediately May 16, 2019. Email shown order received, FedEx 2 day shipment. Now June 10, 2019, multiple messages to webpage contact page, no response. Initiated debit dispute on credit card for failure to deliver and/or reply to contacts.
  8. Pictures Please ! JLUR with Mopar 2" Lift & 35s

    My 2019 JLUR with Mopar 2" lift, 35in KO2s, Installed by dealer at delivery, full vehicle warranty including lift. Only getting about 13.5mpg, but all roads here are mountain roads. Someday I will get chance to drive it on somewhat level highway. It has been to a nearby (5 minutes) off road park...
  9. Offroading a brand new Rubicon

    My first Wrangler, the Mopar 2" lift and 35s (KO2s, not as aggressive but better in winters here). Been to one nearby WNC off road park (more mud than rocks), handled well. I'm 65yo, grabbing for some youth, but no need to push anything near breaking point.
  10. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    I've rarely been in woods pushing environment without tires picking up some kind of trash, especially if swampy.
  11. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Mopar 2" lift with 35 KO2 (slight larger than 315, slight) on stock wheels. Like seeing some of these wheels, but mine are fine. If went to 37s, requires new wheels and I think testing the endurance engineered. I think the Rubicon engineered for my combination, but could not make it from factory...
  12. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    I stuck with stock wheels, went to 35 KO2 and have Mopar 2" lift (seem more). 35s seem plenty big enough to me. Not getting the mileage some say getting, but live in mountain terrain with nothing flat.
  13. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    3.6 auto.
  14. Wow...JLU mpg!!!

    I have JLUR, 2" Mopar lift, 35" KO2s. Getting about 14.1. I live in WNC mountainous area, nothing level, twists and turns. A little disappointed, but not angry about the mpg.
  15. RUBICON 35s No Lift - Fuel Beast

    Morganton, not far from you. I'm in Valle Crucis (between Boone and Banner Elk, NC). Photo attached. Might run up to Patriot Mtn. Offroad Park sometime, minutes away from me. I did Mopar 2" lift, 35 KO2s, Warn winch in std. metal bumper. Had a lot of fun learning to use lockers and front...
  16. RUBICON 35s No Lift - Fuel Beast

    Same with mine. I did 2" Mopar lift, 35 KO2s. Had asked for speedo/mileage adjustment and found not done. Will go back for that. Showing 14.1mpg. Think adjustment would be 14.8 -15mpg. I live in mountainous region, nothing level and makes a difference. The Tacoma TRD Pro traded was about same in...
  17. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Just spent some time with Joel at Patriot Mountain Offroad Park in Sugar Grove (Valle Crucis), NC. Only minutes away from my home. I am new to this, my '19 Rubicon did so well with just 2inch Mopar lift and 35's. He and I worked through the sway bar disconnect, front and rear lockers (amazed)...
  18. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    Had now one week. Added 2" Mopar lift, 35" Ko2s, Warn Zeon 10S winch, ARB 37qt fridge/freeze. Soon to add Maximus/ Pioneer Platform (short) roof rack and Cobra 75 CB. I'm loving it, rides great, but a bit of climb in as short as I am. Slight rub of 35" spare on rear steel bumper, but no problem...