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  1. Supertop Ultra Bestop for JL

    I’m having issues with this as well. Mine doesn’t want to easily close without having to force it in. Unlatching it is a huge task in itself with 2 people. I’m so disappointed in this top for the money. Bestop has been very slow to work with and get responses. I also brought it to a local...
  2. CMM (Carolina Metal Masters) Mirror Storage

    Harbor freight also has a similar size case that may work
  3. Bestop Debuts Trektop Ultra Soft Top JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    So what’s the difference between the trektop ultra and the supertop ultra? Just the slanted rear? When folded back, which one tucks in more? I put the deposit down on the supertop ultra.
  4. Which Milwaukee Ratchet?

    I have both. I use my Gen 1 way more due to its overall size for regular wrenching. Keep an eye out for Home Depot deals. They had one last week with the ratchet and m12 screw driver for $99
  5. Just Ordered my 2020, good deal?

    That’s a good deal. I just ordered one with a $55,910 MSRP for $49,954 (5% below invoice)
  6. Criswell dealership question

    I tried dealing with them, but have a trade in. They offered me almost $5k less for my trade in than a local deal! (@ 5% below invoice locally)
  7. Top Factory Option You'd Pass On

    For me, it was a hard pass on leather for the Rubicon I just ordered. This is a summer only vehicle for me, so the top would be off most of the time.