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  1. California SOLD JL Mopar Tube Doors - Front Set NEW - 400.00

    How much are you asking for?
  2. California Westin Snyper Triple Tube Rock Sliders

    $150 for the pair. For sale are used Westin Snyper Rock Rails. They are overall in great condition but do have a few scrapes and dings from the trail. A couple very small rust spots present but nothing beyond superficial can can be touched up with a rattle can if you wanted. I tried my best to...
  3. California Oracle H13 V-Series LED Headlight Conversion Bulbs

    $60 for the pair. Great condition used Oracle bulbs. Direct plug and play LED replacement for halogen factory lights. No flicker, nice clean line Upgraded to oculus headlights, only reason I’m selling these. These were on my JL Sport for just over a year Local Pickup only...
  4. Upgraded OEM halogen headlights to Oracle Oculus with Halo on JLU

    Thanks for the update! I’m sure these are going to be worth the wait
  5. Upgraded OEM halogen headlights to Oracle Oculus with Halo on JLU

    I’m still waiting on my oculus lights to be direct shipped from Oracle because Northridge is out of stock 😑
  6. Upgraded OEM halogen headlights to Oracle Oculus with Halo on JLU

    Perfect, I really appreciate the help and can’t wait to get the headlights on!
  7. Upgraded OEM halogen headlights to Oracle Oculus with Halo on JLU

    Oracle, the instructions call to tap into fuse 52 for the halos. If I’m currently already tapping that one for aftermarket switches, can I use 91 instead?
  8. Make Front 12v Receptacle "Always On"

    Any change you were installing the Oracle headlights with the halos? Did it work using f91? Im about to do the same install this week and running into the same dilemma
  9. Trussed Sport Axles vs Rubi Axles

    Thanks for the awesome advice. With those ballpark figures, it seems like it does make a lot more sense to just go for the Rubi takeoffs thanks Brett
  10. Trussed Sport Axles vs Rubi Axles

    That’s some solid advice and a good way to look at it. As much as I’d love to have some solid logical argument for 37s, really comes down to loving the way it looks. Now if I stayed at 35, would you still recommend trussing?
  11. Trussed Sport Axles vs Rubi Axles

    First, I want to start off by thanking everyone on this forum for always being a wealth of knowledge as I continue to learn about the Jeep world So for the topic at hand... I have a sport with the Dana 30/35 setup, currently running 35s The goal of my Jeep is to eventually get to 37s, but...
  12. California WTB 35x12.5X17 Tire

    Looking to purchase (1) 35x12.5x17 tire. Tread doesn't need to be a lot as I am only looking to use this as a spare in case of emergency
  13. Texas Rough Country Light Cube w/ Mounting Kit

    Price? Which lights are these, black series?
  14. Going topless and not have anything stolen

    I just came across this rear cargo option which looks pretty cool. Has anyone had any experience with EZ Trunk? Product looks great but can't find anything on the quality or service of @EZTrunk company
  15. Washington PRICE REDUCED: BRAND NEW Mopar OEM Aux. Switch kit for 18-20 JL Wranglers

    This for the Sport and Sahara trim, right? Any wiggle room on price? Can get it cheaper on Quadratec...
  16. JLU Roof Racks Now Available | Half and Full Length!

    @JcrOffroad Do you have specific weight capacities with the reinforcement brackets installed? Thank you in advance!
  17. JCR Roof Rack Initial Bad Impression

    How did they do on their follow up? I have this in my shopping cart right now but customer service is big to me and might sway me in a different direction