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  1. Gas on/under the car

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the humor and people giving me a hard time. Good to put my mind at ease. And sorry for the delay - I guess I hadn't marked this forum as wanting to follow it, so hadn't been getting updates.
  2. Gas on/under the car

    I'm almost positive this is a stupid question, but humor me: This evening, I drove through some sort of gas spill, which resulted in gas on the back of my car and underneath as well. I've managed to get the gas off the back/sides of the car at the self car wash, and gave the undercarriage a...
  3. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Quick follow-up questions folks: How do steering dampers work technically? I know the result that they make the steering wheel less loose, but what are they actually doing? I'm still having my issue with the Jeep pulling left, and trying to think through how the steering damper could be...
  4. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Ha I'm not sure I ever had my man card to begin with! I adjusted tire pressure, but I'm still getting the left pull. Considering just taking it off for good.
  5. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Thanks @BLACKMOAB - It's too bad I'm already in the realm of having to shop for parts just to make the new Jeep functional, but I guess that's the Jeep world...
  6. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    As in, just reaching under, grabbing the part, and moving it back and forth?
  7. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Thanks - this is really helpful. I'll do this soon.
  8. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Thanks all - I definitely need to drop my tire pressure then. Here is the part on my car - wondering if anyone recognizes this as OEM/appropriate. I had a different dealer redo the recall so it would have had to be done wrong twice, by two different people, for the issue to be caused by the...
  9. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    I believe I should be able to see the damper on the bottom of the Jeep, correct? Wondering if there’s a way I can visually tell if they used the OEM part.
  10. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Thanks Jimbo - I suppose it’s worth a call, but if they’re doing a V41 factory recall would the dealer have the option of using aftermarket parts?
  11. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    @sourdough and @WranglerMan - Are you all suggesting lower tire pressure for off-road performance and steering? Most of my normal driving is on the road, so I'd rather optimize for fuel economy. What would you suggest for on-road driving? Any links to learn more about the chalk test?
  12. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Thanks. I had the alignment checked and the tire pressures all show 39, but I could double check just in case there happens to be a slight difference. There are only about 3,000 miles on the car so I doubt it would be a tire quality issue or something else.
  13. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Not sure about the OEM parts, good question. That's an interesting idea about letting it relax - hadn't heard that. Will give it a shot.
  14. Steering damper - Jeep pulling left

    Got the V41 damper recall done, and noticed my car started pulling to the left. I took it back in to the dealer and they "redid" the recall (i.e., installed a new damper). It seems better, and maybe it's just in my mind, but seems to still pull to the left at all. Anyone else experiencing this...
  15. How to apply 303 to soft top

    Ridiculously simply question here, but I've got some 303 to apply to my new soft top, and to do it [hides head in shame]. Do I just spray, or should I rub it in with a microfiber cloth?
  16. Windshield that won’t clean

    Alright, update. Bought some different products, but started with vinegar and it got it off right away. Some of the products I think I'll still be able to use for sure as my car progresses with age (and just preventive), but should have just started with the simple stuff ;)
  17. Hard water spots on paint

    So thankful for everyone’s advice on cleaning hard water spots on my windshield, so wanted to ask for advice on some (minor) hard water spots on my paint (hellayella). Would it be similar?
  18. Windshield that won’t clean

    Thanks - looks like another good option.
  19. Windshield that won’t clean

    That's worth a try to start with. Would certainly be cheaper.
  20. Cleaning soft top with hard vs soft water

    Thanks! I've got the option for both hard or softened water at my house and hoping that letting it dry won't hurt anything