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  1. Winch Plates on OEM JL Bumper? All the same?

    Hi there, I just ordered a new Smittybuilt Gen3 9500 winch and will be mounting it on a stock JLU metal bumper. I know there are a few brands of winch plates, but are there really any differences? Besides cost? I'm not partial to any brand, just not sure if you can put a Smittybuilt winch on...
  2. Mein Gott, what have I done (No option Wrangler)

    Id just buy some good tires and call it a day!
  3. California NEW - FREE - Rugged Ridge Rear Liner

    sure! let me find a box. whats your address?
  4. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    Local dealer yesterday told me that unless I have a specific issue they wouldn't work on the car. I could leave it for a day and see of the Tech can replicate the wandering. But he also said it was mainly due to my 35 inch tires. I need a new dealership.
  5. California Rubicon Take Offs - Set of 5

    Price drop $1400, get these out of my garage!
  6. California Rubicon Take Offs - Set of 5

    They certainly are!
  7. California Rubicon Take Offs - Set of 5

    I'm in Santa Barbara.
  8. California Rubicon Take Offs - Set of 5

    Set of 5 tires and wheels off my JLUR. 285x70R17 Set has 254 miles Includes lug nuts for 4 wheels Perfect condition, drove home and straight to the tire store, no dirt, no rain. I have 4 new TPMS sensors that came with my new lugnuts, the stock ones were transferred I believe onto the new wheels...
  9. California Steel Rubicon Front Bumper

    Looking for a OEM Rubicon steel front bumper. Between San Fran and San Diego preferred. Thanks
  10. California NEW - FREE - Rugged Ridge Rear Liner

    Well, I unboxed my new Rugged Ridge floor liners, and there was an extra in the box from Amazon. Free to whoever wants to come get it. I am in Santa Barbara, CA. Fits 2018+ JLU, just the rear seat portion.
  11. Only California Dealer worth working with!

    @RobTrachtman bummed you left Coastline, but I'm sure it was for good reason. I picked up the Rubicon and love it, thank you for the great price and communication. That dealership is a joke, the sales experience and treatment was awful. Manager was extremely rude the front desk girl in front of...
  12. Recommended Dealers List

    The day finally came after 2.5 months of waiting. I purchased from Coastline CDJR in San Juan Capistrano where we received 5% under invoice. Rob Trachtman no longer works there FYI, he was very helpful. The rest of the staff (minus the finance guy) was awful. The sales price was obviously set...
  13. Current Rubicon FCA Financing

    Hello, I am still waiting on my JLUR to arrive, but was wondering if anyone knows what rates FCA is currently offering on 60 month terms on the Rubicon? I know the Sahara has all the incentives right now. I have 780+ credit and a significant down payment. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    Well today is the official build date, who knows when it will arrive!
  15. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    So far it will just be some rock slider/steps, floor liners, bikini top, car cover, and short antenna. In maybe a year 35's and 2 inch lift. And then likely about 1000 other things lol
  16. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    Thanks for the replies and feedback. JL Rubicon has been ordered! Now we wait, hopefully not too long. I was quoted about 2 months. Robert Trachtman at Coastline CJDR was very helpful and straightforward. 5% below invoice. So this forum has already saved me a few thousand dollars vs walking into...
  17. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    All these answers basically point to yes, buy a Wrangler and you'll have a great time! Thanks for the detailed input especially from this with kids. That was really my biggest concern. Now to convince wife lol
  18. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    Thank you. I know the fun factor for me, and when the kids are older will be totally worth it.
  19. Thinking of Purchasing Rubicon Unlimited

    Hi there I am a new member and am thinking heavily about ordering a new Rubicon Unlimited. It would be my primary vehicle (commute about 20 miles a day) and my wife would take our Outback. We have one child so far, and are thinking about a 2nd. Our son is 1.5yrs. Obviously I know it's a little...