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  1. Florida 19 MOAB performance Rock Rails

    Willing to ship to TX?
  2. Florida Wrangler JL Moab Rock Rails for sale $250

    Willing to ship to TX?
  3. LED Backup Lights?

    You can also install these bad boys in the spare 😎😜
  4. Rigid Ignite backup light installed

    If your looking for something more intense... I just dropped these in this week.
  5. Rigid Ignite Backup Lights

  6. Rigid Ignite Backup Lights

    So I took this on finally and answered my own question.. easy nut and bolt to mount it. I also was able to squeeze in some Baja Designs squadron pros in there 😜🤓
  7. Off Road+Plus and TrailCam Off-Road Camera

    So this feature (OFF ROAD +) is now on the 2021 JLs you can order it with this feature. Im wondering if that means we can buy it a kit add it on as well? Anyone heard of anything?
  8. The Roof Rack List (JL / JLU Wrangler)

    You guys know of any roof racks designed for the one touch power top? I know Gobi has got one, but curious if there are others to consider. Cheers
  9. Texas Gobi Racks JL 4-DOOR Stealth no shipping located Dallas, TX $1750.00

    Will this one work with the one touch sky top? I see they list one that will work with that. Wondering if its the same part number or if the other one is slightly raised up higher or something
  10. Rigid Ignite Backup Lights

    @mortimer Great write up! Couple quick questions as I am going to try this as well shortly. Thanks in advance for the help! What type of hardware did you use to mount the little light brackets you made to the spare tire holder? I have most of what i need to do this, but I dont want to take...
  11. Service Shifter

    I recommend you ask them to look for the harness/rub issue i mentioned above... After they found this and replaced / re-routed the harness so it would not happen again its been over a year and I have never had the problem again. I am pretty confident that is the issue. Which makes sense a...
  12. Service Shifter

    For me the problem is solved, never happened again so far.
  13. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    I agree with Starzbullies. It is due to a wiring issue, but it can likely happen in different ways. I think the issue i had is probably the most common. It has to do with the wires rubbing down near the sway bar disconnect and I think its is while you are turning the wheel. That is the area...
  14. Service Shifter

    It seems to be a wiring harness issue. I had the same problem. The found a part of the harness was rubbing and causing a short. That was replaced and i havent had an issue since (been 1 day though). The part that is rubbing is up near the front bumper around the swaybar disconnect is what...
  15. Service Shifter - Power Steering

    I had a similar issue to this one this week. Jeep told me my wiring harness was rubbing and causing a short. They replaced that section of the harness and rerouted it to prevent it from happening again. Based on others experiences this seems to be the issue. My Jeep is back to normal but its...
  16. Loss of power steering and all warning lights cycle through

    Apparently this section of the harness was near the swaybar disconnect area or something
  17. Loss of power steering and all warning lights cycle through

    Just went through a similar issue. Jeep found that part of the wiring harness was rubbing and supposedly worked its way down to the wires causing it all the short out. The replaced and rerouted that part of the harness and no issues now (granted its only been a couple of days)...
  18. Texas SOLD: JLU Rubicon Fender Flairs Black - Great Shape

    Still available. Sorry been away for a minute. Sorry can do on the shipping it would be a fortune.