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  1. Extending the spare tire bump stops

    Nice looking! Can you give us details about where to find this kind of spacers and how you fixed it? Using a thread nuts maybe?
  2. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    I really like your side steps! can you tell me something about them?
  3. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Stock tires also in this JL EU version. AEV Borah for JL with Black Gorilla lug nuts
  4. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    My new JL's Borah wheels on EU stock JL Satin Black - no rings - Gorilla lug nuts ..and Lamin-X Gunsmoke films on tail Lights
  5. Torque Specs

    I want to be sure because my wrench is in metric and I'm afraid to over torque the nuts.
  6. Torque Specs

    OkT hanks a lot, It's true ..I hadn't really seen the first column .. (I was seeing Part number instead of Newton meter :) ) Part |Nm |ft. lbs. | in. lbs. | Comments Steering damper bolt (at axle) | 80 | 59 | - | but still not clear .. in this case Nm is above the 80 and the Ft. lbs. is 59...
  7. Torque Specs

    STEERING LINKAGE Part |Nm |ft. lbs. | in. lbs. | Comments Drag link inner nut (at pitman arm) | 105 | 77 | - | Drag link outer nut (at steering knuckle) | 64 | 47 | - | Drag link adjuster clamp | 46 | 34 | - | Tie rod end nut (at steering knuckle) | 64 | 47 | - | Tie rod end adjuster clamp | 46...
  8. Sky One-Touch Power Soft Top Jeep JL's!

    This is mine Turbo JL! The EU has some ugly spec as bumpers, smaller tires and low fenders.. but still a good product! I had a 2011 JK with both the Hard Top and Soft Top and I used the Soft twice.. Till I have this I opened the Top several times ..I Love it! A big Ciao from Italy
  9. Arkansas Jlu rubicon Recon rock rails Moab sliders

    Can you check how much will be to ship in EU?
  10. Pennsylvania Sold

    in case you decide to ship Internationally .. I'm interested.
  11. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Hi, I saw just you with this wheels .. I didn't find any other pictures online, can you post some more? ..and can you give some feedback on them? and.. we can use the JL stock lugnuts or we have to buy new ones? Thanks ;)